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Alfa Romeo 1910 - present: Originally named A.L.F.A. and strongly based on the French Darracq cars. After World War 1 the cars became known as Alfa Romeos and the models became more sporting. Alfa Romeo became succesful in racing (partly due to Enzo Ferrari). Production remained moderate and the company encountered a harsh financial situation in the 1930s. Company: SA Alfa Romeo - via Gattamelata, Portello, Milano, Italy Models: 12hp = 15/20hp; 24hp = 20/30hp; 15hp; 40/60hp; 20/30hp; G1; RL (RLT, RLSS); RM; 6C 1500 (SS); 6C 1750 (GS, GT); 6C 1900; 6C 2300; 8C 2300; 6C 2500; 8C 2900 Coachbuilders: Zagato; Touring; James Young People: Giuseppe Merosi; Nicola Romeo; Vittorio Jano; Ugo Gobbato Most famous car: 6C 1750 Gran Sport with Zagato body

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