Delage 1905 - 1953: M. Delage was a excellent engineer who started with quite moderate but well-built models before the Great War. Larger luxurious models appeared in the 1920s, reaching a climax at the end of the 1930s when remarkable, streamlined bodies were provided by the well known coachbuilders of the time. Delage was associated with Delahaye from 1935 till the end. Company: Automobiles Delage - Boulevard de Verdun, Courbevoie, France Models: A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; J; L; M; R; T; U; AB; AC; AD; AE; AH; AI; AK; AM; BI; BK; CO; GL; DE; DI; DISS; DL; DM; DO; DR; DS; D6 D8 Coachbuilders: Chapron; VanVooren; D'Ieteren; Letourneur & Marchand; Pourtout; Freestone & Webb; Barker; Belvalette; People: Louis Delâge; Augustin Legros Most famous car: D8-120 (provided with some of the most beautiful French bodies of the late 1930s, e.g. the Pourout Aero Coupé)

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