Hudson 1909 - 1957: Hudson was quite succesful up to the 1930s, building quite conventional but fairly reliable and sometimes technically advanced models. From 1919 Hudson had a low-priced line: Essex. The successes of this make made Hudson one of the largest producers in the USA for some time. The Essex was replcaed by the Terraplane in 1932 which was mainly popular in Europe. Company: Hudson Motor Car Company - Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, USA Models: Model 20; Model 33; Model 37; Model 54; Model Six-40; Model Six-54; Super Six; Model O; Model S; Model L; Model R; Model T; Model U; Series T; Series U; Series L; Series E; Series LT; Series LTS; Series LL; Series LLU; Series LU; Series HHU; Series HU; Series HTL; Series HUL; Series GH; Series HT; Series 63; Series 64; Series 65; Series 66; Series 67; Series 73; Series 74; Series 75; Series 76; Series 77; Series 83; Series 84; Series 85; Series 87; Series 89; Series 90 (112); Series 91 (Pacemaker); Series 92 (Six); Series 93 (Country Club Six); Series 95 (Country Club Eight); Series 97; Series 41 (Super-Six); Series 40T (Six Traveler Six); Series 40P (DeLuxe Six); Series 43 (Country Club Six); Series 44 (Eight); Series 45 (Eight DeLuxe); Series 47 (Country Club Eight); Series 10; Series 11; Series 12; Series 14; Series 15; Series 17; Series 18 (Big Boy); Series 20; Series 21; Series 22; Series 24; Series 25; Series 27 Coachbuilders: Murphy; Biddle & Smart; LeBaron People: Roy Chapin; Howard Coffin; Frank Spring; Stuart Baits; Roscoe Jackson Most famous car: Super Six c. 1920

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