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Antique / Veteran / Pre War Car Links

Clubs, enthousiast, etc.


8W Forix, for GP connoisseurs only.
Play the famous Who? What? Where? Why? F1 detective Game.

Auto Racing History
On this web site, we aim to explore certain areas of history and provide an overview on other subjects. The site is run by Russell Jaslow. His primary historical interests are the Vanderbilt Cup Races, Pre-WWI racing, and the Indianapolis 500.

British Motor Manufacturers
Histories of over 950 British Motor Manufacturers in business between 1894 and 1960 including those who never made it beyond the prototype or design stage.

Car building in Wolverhampton (UK)
very nice & informative site.

Collection: the Wood collection
Fascinating prewar racers and lots of history;interesting link collection

GB; The Car History of Hillfields
In the early years of the twentieth century, Hillfields played a key part in the development of Coventry's Car Industry. In total there were 20 different car makers located in Hillfields. These pages tell you about some of them.

Gläser / Glaeser Karosserien Forum
History forum about the German coachbuilding firm.

Le Mans Register
Great site with hard facts about all Le Mans races by Stefan Örnerdal.

Museo Fangio, Argentina

Museum: Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Museum: Tupelo Automobile Museum (USA)
Over 100 vehicles on display, representing the history of the automotive industry.

Ospedaletti Circuit Blog
Italian site about the history of this circuit

Racing: The Golden Era of GP racing 1934-1940
Everything you wanted to know about prewar racing, but didn't know where to find. Brilliant website by Leif Snellman.Including GP winner listings(1895-1949)from Hans Etzrodt.

Radio: Antique autoradio madness
Personal website about oldtimer autoradios from the early 30's till the end 70's (a really unique collection + 1300 old radios). Lot of photos, advertisements and technical infos.

Route Nationale 7
History and actuality of the Paris - Riviera Road : Route Nationale 7, Route Nationale 6, 'Route Bleue'

Society of Automotive Historians
Members of the Society encourage research, preservation, recording, compilation, and publication of historical material of every type. We monitor the worldwide development of the automobile and related items, for their inception to the present. We also assist fellow members in obtaining historical information and material.

Targa Florio: La Leggendaria Targa Florio.
Very nice historical site about the famous Targa Florio race of Sicily. Since 1906. By Mario Grifasi.

Vanderbilt Cup Races
Website about the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island from 1904 to 1910

Wolverhampton (UK) the car industry in Wolverhamptom.


Amstelveen, the hometown of
Historical photos of the small town just south of Amsterdam.

Autmotive World Magazine
Many nice galleries about different cars.

Belgium/Holland: Erard Oldtimersweb , Belgian Portal
picture archive , lots of ads , articles , ...

Brass cars in Sweden
A GREAT web site with hundreds of pictures of brass cars from Sweden. By Lars-Göran Lindgren.

classic cars wallpaper
Free clasic cars wallpaper

Club for Cyclecar Fans: Le Cyclecariste Belge

Coachbuilder: 80 years Zagato
Gallery with 54 examples of the master coachbuilder Zagato.

Database: Histomobile
Automotive history through more than 10 000 records and 9 000 pictures since 1776

Estland Antique Car Gallery
Many photos and cars that you have never seen before.

Front Wheel Drives.
Most interesting Museum colection with a clear emphasis on Front Wheel Drives.

Hood ornaments
Comprehensive listing of American hood ornaments.

IndiaMART Auto Gallery
lots of photos of antique models

Licence plates, vintage.
New York collection starting in 1927. by Kevin PL8

Life and work of artist Peter Helck
A website built dedicated to the works of Peter Helck, built and maintained by by the grandson Tim Helck.

Logos, hundreds !
Neatly sorted bij beginning letter.

Mille Miglia 2002 photos by Gabriele Chiesa.

Oldtimers Picture Gallery
Photos of more random cars than you can shake a stick at, all nicely (if somehwat blandly presented) by country of orgin and then by make.

On-line gallery of motoring art by Gary Whinn
A collection of images, portraits and racing scenes from a bygone age.

Photo Retro of Mr. Jacques
Lots of vintage cars in France on the road during various events. Great Galleries!

Roadrace: The Great Race
Everything you want to know about TGR and tons of pictures of pre-war cars.

The art of the automobile
Beauty & Sensuality in form and design of classic automobiles.

USA Nice museum gallery of Owls Head Transportation Museum

Victorias & Albert Museum: veteran car photos.
Wonderfull collection of vehicle photos from the Lafayette Collection.

Video: Victrace Video Productions, George Spauwen
Producer of videofilms of Historic- and Classic Car and Motorcycle events.

Clubs, enthousiast, etc.

3 Wheelers
The online catalogue of 3-wheeled cars.

Antique Automobile Club of America

Australia: Dandenong Valley Historic Car Club Inc.
Established in 1974. Located in Melbourne Australia. Caters for all vehicles manufactured prior to December 1942.

Australia: The Motorist, Vic, & Vintage Sports Car Club, Australia
Including Alvis Club(Victoria, Australia).

Austria: Salzbuger rallye ClubGaisbergrennen
The Salzburg-Rallye-Club (S.R.C.) organizes the egendary "Gaisbergrennen" which took place between 1929-1969.

Automobiles Manufactured in St. Louis and Missouri
History and information about amongst others the Gardner and Ruxton type of cars.

Belgium: Royal Veteran Car Club Belgium
Eligible for owners of pre 1939 cars.

Benjafield's Racing Club
Benjafield’s Racing Club is all about history, “helping to preserve the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship which inspired Dr J. Dudley Benjafield and the Great Racing Team for whom he drove”

Brooklands Society
The Brooklands Society is an independent historical society dedicated to the preservation of Brooklands. The views expressed on this web site do not necessarily reflect those of the Brooklands Museum or the Brooklands Museum Trust.

Canada: Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada

Canada: Vintage Car Club of Canada.

Carport: Kit Foster's new hide out.

Chester Vintage Enthusiasts Club
Title says it all !!

Very nice designed website dedicated to lovers of classic and vintage cars and motorcycles, from Chile to the whole world.

Classic Drivers Club
For those who own or just enjoy driving pre-war racing cars to visit races, meetings and other events

Clàssic Motor Club del Bages
The club of amateurs to the old cars and motorcycles of Spain with bigger number of members. It counts on multiple sections (Old Vehicles, Isetta, PTV, Land Rover, Motorcycles, Mercedes, Citroën, SEAT 600, SEAT 850 Coupé/Sport Coupé/Spider, Machinery, Military Vehicles...)

Classic Passions Egypt
we are the owners & enthusiasts for Classic Cars in Egypt with ties to the Automobile & Touring Club of Egypt and we sincerely hope to have an International Event starting from Cairo...

Club: The Roaring Twenties club.
Antique and classic car club Inc. , Conneticut, USA

CollectorNethercutt Collection Official Website
Very nice website with all web-goodies you can image. Possibly the finest website on a single car collection. The site not only covers the museum, but also features Mr. J.B. Nethercutt very complete restoration shop and a sampling of cars in the museum, with sounds!

Czech very nice website on veteran cars. By Sivak.
Brush up your Czech!

Elgin Motor Car Page
A page for Antique Car and Historical Auto Buffs about the 1916-1926 Elgin Motorcars. See pictures of all eight known remaining Elgin's.

Forum : Racing History
Lively and interesting forum moderated by Steve Hammatt

France: Club des Anciennes Automobiles Varoises
Club of enthousiast about old cars and motos near Marseille.

GB: the Vintage Sports Car Club

Horseless Carriage Club of America.
The Brass Era Touring Club. Plus very usefull highly related links.

India: the Vintage & Classic Car Club of India.

Kenya: Vintage and Classic Car Club of Kenya.

L'Amicale Tricyclecariste de France
The French tricycle Club.

L'Amicale Tricyclecariste de France
The French tricycle Club.

Luxemborug: Veteran Car Club Grand-Ducal
Caters for pre 1930 cars only in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxemburg: Vintage & Veteran Car Club of Luxembourg

Monaco: Automobile Club de Monaco
Here you find information on the Historic GP of Monaco, the Monte Carlo Rallye for classic & vintage cars. And more.

Museum Buddy L and other pressed steel toys
Beautiful examples of early pressed steel transportation toys from the 1920's & 30's. Manufacturers include Buddy L, Sturditoy, Keystone, Steelcraft and more.

Nationale 7 : Paris Riviera Road
The story and the events of the mythic french road Nationale 7, from Paris to Menton, by Lyon and Nice.

Netherlands. Federatie Historische Automobile- en Motorfietsclub.
FEHAC is the Dutch 'umbrella' organisation acting as a representative of most clubs.
kortweg FEHAC is in 1976 opgericht door een tiental clubs voor klassieke personenauto's als belangenvereniging voor klassiek rijdend Nederland.

Netherlands: Historische Automobielvereniging
Dutch foundation for car, truck, motor, and scooter enthousiasts, established in 1964.

Netherlands: Internationale Historische Automobiel Club

Netherlands: Oldtimer en Classic Car Club Heel

Netherlands: Pionier Automobielen Club
Since 1956: Royal Dutch Automobile Club for cars, primarily built before 1941. PAC is one of the clubs that is founder-member of the International Federation of Veteran Car Clubs.

New Zealand : The Vintage car Club
All you need as a vintage car enthusiast in New Zealand.

New Zealand: Early American Car Club of New Zealand
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of US cars manufactured between 1932-62

New Zealand: Classic & Vintage Sporting cars by Ajay.

New Zealand: Horseless Carriage Club of New Zealand
Horseless Carriage Club of New Zealand

Norway: The Veteran Car Club of Norway
What began as a little expedition in 1952 to rescue a 1907 Rover has grown into Norway's largest club for vintage and veteran automobiles of all marques, with around 1700 members.

Peru : Vintage Car Club of Peru
Since 1975: Club del Automovil Antiguo del Peru.

Pete's scrap & vintage barn.
One of those sites you just have to visit now and then. Allways surprises to find, but you have to dig for them...

Poland - The Historical Vehicles Section of the Lublin Automobile Club
Lublin Automobile Club (Automobilklub Lubelski) was established in 1930 as non-profit organization oriented for promotion of motor touring and gathering the local automotive enthusiasts. After WWII, it resumed its operation in 1946 and is now focusing on all aspects of motor sports, tourism and road traffic safety.

Poland: contact to veteran-club, oldtimer-expert.
Private oldtimer website of Tomasz Skrzelinski (Warsaw).

Rally: Automobile Rally Organsiation HERO Holland
Organisers of The Winter Trial, Carrera Mediterrana, The Great Race.

Romania: Retromobil: website of the national Classic & Vintage car Club.
By Bogdan Coconoiu and Liviu Burghel.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
I run the Register and would be interested to hear from anyone with a car bodied by Salmons and Sons of Newport Pagnell, England. Dennis Mynard

Italian website of a club of enthousiasts

South Africa: Cars in South Africa
With 450 pictures, news, events, history and weekly updates!

SPAIN: Antic Car Club de Catalunya

Stichting Vriendenkring Klassiekers
Holland. A Dutch club for oldtimer enthusiasts.

Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society
For enthusiasts who share an interest in Veteran, Vintage and Classic vehicles and who live in the South East of England. The Society was formed some 60 years ago.

Switzerland(Ticino) Schweizer Motor-Veteranen-Club
Sezione della Svizzera Italiana dello SMVC presente dal 1957 che riunisce oltre 700 soci di tutta la Svizzera.

Switzerland: Swiss Car Register
In German on Swiss car makes and coachbuilders like Graber, etc.

History and forum about French Tricycles

USA: Horseless Carraige Club of Southern California
Horseless Carraige Club of Southern California dedicated to the preservation and touring of pre 1916 automobiles.

USA: Classic Car Club of America
Since 1952 CCCA is dedicated to the collecting, preservation and enjoyment of the world's finest automobiles which were manufactured from 1925* through 1948.

USA: the Veteran Motor Car Club of America
The purpose of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America is to encourage the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of antique and historically significant automobiles.

USA; Golden Era Automobile (1915-1942)
The fastest growing early 'original' car club around that “celebrates” those unique motor vehicles built between the years 1915 and 1942.


Letters, photographs and stamps about pre war airships.

Bowler Hat
Famous pre war people with bowler hats.

Fur: Vintage Fur Catalogue
For a stylish, vintage dress for the lady next to the driver. Credit cards are accepted.

Italian link collection of vintage car related websites.

Lalique Mascot Collectors Club
The famous glass mascots of René Lalique

Priceguide: the Goldbook
online priceguide for vintage, veteran & classic cars under supervision of John Apen, David Brwonell, Richard Carey, Donald Peterson

Scam Checker
Very usefull website with all you want to know about scammers and what to do against it.

Sound: Mizno's Garage
Nice site with nice starting sounds from Japanese enthousiast Gomi.

Swiss Car Registration
Started in 1996, this site is an online archive of registration facts.

Telecom history
On February 22,1880 Alexander Graham Bell and his cousin Charles Bell communicated over the Photophone.

Thunderbirds originally ran over 1965 and 1966. The fourth of Gerry Anderson's supermarionation productions, the series told of the exploits of International Rescue, a secret organisation dedicated to the saving of anybody in mortal peril.

We cater to all British Marques and have nearly 100 family memberships representing over 300 british cars from the 1920's to present. Located in Rockford, Illinois

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