Hudson 1948 for sale

1948 Hudson Commodore Eight Custom Station Wagon
Hostetler's Hudson Auto Museum Auction

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CHASSIS NO: 48480899
• One-off creation based on a 1948 design
• Rich, hand-crafted woodwork; custom rear roof
• Acquired by Eldon Hostetler in 2012
• Sorted and detailed in 2015 at LaVine Restorations

Model 484. 254.5 cid L-head inline eight-cylinder engine, 128 BHP, three-speed manual transmission, independent coil-spring front suspension, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes; wheelbase: 124\"

After the close of WW II, Hudson discontinued all commercial, utility, and station wagon lines, save for pickup trucks. When the radical new “step-down” cars – America’s first all-new postwar design – entered production in late 1947 for the 1948 model year, just one prototype pickup truck was built before the idea was shelved. A postwar station wagon on the step-down design was never even considered – except in the fertile imagination of a young Hudson designer. Don Butler, a recently discharged U.S. Army Air Force veteran, had been hired in 1946 by Hudson’s styling supervisor, Arthur Kibiger. Mr. Butler had perfected his technique as an illustrator for instruction manuals and training materials while serving in the Army, but in his off-duty hours, he drew cars. Kibiger recognized Butler’s talent and put him to work on the final drawings for the step-down models that would go on to instantly earn industry and consumer acclaim for Hudson. Butler continued sketching his own designs, now using Hudson as the basis. Unknown to anyone at Hudson, he sketched several body styles he felt should be built as step-down models, including a station wagon, pickup truck, and town car. Since Hudson had already invested a then-astronomical $16 million into the step-down design program and tooling, there was no official interest, meaning Butler’s drawings remained hidden until the publication his book, “The History of Hudson,” in 1982.

The release of Butler’s illustrations in his book aroused considerable interest among Hudson enthusiasts. Among them was Bill Eggert of Denver. Mr. Eggert was so impressed by how Butler’s sophisticated design complemented Hudson’s basic step-down lines, that he resolved to build this “one of none” Station Wagon. Reasoning that such a Hudson would have been a prestige model in the upscale Commodore Eight series, he went looking for a suitable donor car as the basis for his project. A rust-free 1948 Hudson Commodore Eight four-door sedan was located in Missouri and purchased. For the rear passenger/cargo compartment, Eggert used a 1954 Hudson donor car, its roof forming the bulk of the wagon’s rear roof section. A curved liftgate window was formed from Lexan. The crucial woodwork proved most challenging; since no patterns existed, every piece was hand-crafted and carefully finished for correct fitment. In fact, it took more than a year to create the Ash framing with veneered Mahogany insert panels. Interestingly, the Mahogany veneer was bonded to metal panels to fabricate the compound curves at the rear of the quarter-panels. All this exterior work harmonized nicely with the standard wood grain on the Commodore dash panel and window moldings for a factory-style finished product.

Following completion, the Commodore Station Wagon made its public debut at the 2007 National Meet of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club held at Auburn, Indiana. It was the star of the show, and not just because it was the only “woodie” in attendance; rather, it was a Hudson which no one had ever seen before, except on paper. A friend of Don Butler, who had insisted the drawings be included in his Hudson book, attended the Auburn showing, and the physical embodiment of his friend’s drawings brought tears to his eyes. In July 2012, it was acquired by Eldon Hostetler. During 2015, the grand Commodore Eight Station Wagon has received further attention at LaVine Restorations in Nappanee, Indiana, where the striking woodwork was expertly sanded and buffed, doors adjusted for improved shutlines, along with sourcing and installation of numerous detail items. Handsome throughout, this visionary 1948 Hudson Commodore Eight Station Wagon is ready to provide a decided “wow factor” wherever it goes.

1948 Hudson Commodore Eight Custom Station Wagon

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