Münch mc ´Mammut´ 1200 TTS 1971 for sale

Unique 1971 Münch ´Mammut´ 1200 TTS. A motorbike of rare beauty, fitted with a NSU block producing 88 PS (87 bhp). Designed by ‘Kraftfahrzeugmechaniker’ Friedrich Münch, in its day it was the heaviest and fastest bike in the world. This bike is a German import with as little as 5007 km on the clock! It is as near as new and in pristine condition. Only 478 of these mighty machines were ever built and no two are the same! Every machine was hand built to the customers` specifications. Of the 478 built only 320 are know to have survived today. The original engine he used was the 1100cc block from the NSU Prinz, it was everything Münch dreamt of. The air-cooled engine was light and had an OHD with a short excursion that loved high rev`s. To make the engine fit a motorbike, needed quite a bit of tinkering! For starters the gearbox needed to fit behind the 4-cylinder block. A whole new primary transmission and clutch was required. The oil-sump was modified as well as reconfiguring the carburation and exhaust system. At the time no existing wheels were able to cope with so much power, so Münch designed them from scratch. The whole construction is incredibly sophisticated. He created the double wishbone frame from thick-walled seamless pulled precision tube. He used aircraft quality electron, a magnesium alloy, for the rear, mudguards, and rear fork including the oil bathed chain housing, the fork-bridges and the footrests, to name but a few features. Of course, everything had to be meticulously finished to prevent the otherwise inevitable corrosion process. All in all, this is a very rare motorbike that has come to market and as such it represents a truly interesting investment opportunity.


Seller: Gallery Aaldering

Details for Münch mc ´Mammut´ 1200 TTS 1971 for sale

Make: Münch mc
Type: ´Mammut´ 1200 TTS
Year: 1971
Price: EUR 157500
Advert ID: 234044
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