AC Aceca 1955 for sale

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The car, WPG7, its original number, Chassis No AE512, (the 13th Aceca built) was bought new from AC by Tommy Clarke and he did the 1956 Monte Carlo rally as one of three cars entered by the AC works. Of the three, it alone finished the rally. He also did the Geneva rally, and the Liege-Rome-Liege in the same year plus others. Shortly before the start of the Monte, an AC employee crashed the car into the back of a coal lorry, wiping the front out. The works worked, non-stop for 36 hours to repair it and respray it in time for Tommy to leave for the start in Paris. MotorSport did a full page photo montage of the work carried out.I have been unsuccessful in finding out its history after Tommy sold it after the 1956 rally season ended (he bought an Aceca Bristol to do the Mille Miglia, The only Aceca to have entered in period and the one that now allows Acecas into that event). My father was well connected with all the garage proprietors in the south as he was an ‘Insurance assessor’ for many years for a major insurance company after managing the largest Garage in Southampton- Wadhams, Formerly Munn & Underwoods.Dad put out the feelers for something interesting to restore and an associate in the Isle of Wight mentioned that he had an old car in this trim-store which was taken as payment from a chap who couldn't afford to pay for the work that was completed on the an Aston and the Aceca. Dad restored it as his retirement project from 1989 to 1992. I worked close by and helped at every opportunity. He did everything except the trimming which was done by Mike Thomas.The original AC engine is now in Ace AE37, and has been for many years, since the early sixties, I think. WPG7 now has a Ford 2.6 with an early Mays head and ford o/d gearbox.It’s done circa 27K miles since restoration and is in great condition. I have been away to Europe many times in it, the last being the AC International to Luxemburg (including laps of the old Nurburgring). I have completed quite a bit of work since taking it over from Dad, about 10 years ago – Front anti-roll bar, rebuilt the back end (bearing etc.), I had the late Gregg Margetts rebuilt the Mays head, and I recently fitted a period radiator blind (adjustable on the move).The car has one unique feature – a roof mounted windscreen wiper- ordered by Tommy Clarke for the Monte.This car was featured in the TV program CAR SOS, not the repaired car, the one shown driving around with the presenters in it.

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Make: AC
Type: Aceca
Year: 1955
Price: GBP 145000
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