Delage cabrio sport 1949 for sale

1949 Delage D-75 3L
2dr Cabriolet 6-cyl. 2988cc/90hp 1bbl Solex and oil cooler. 4 step Cotal electro. magn. Gearbox Long chassis 330 cm. and left hand driven.
The car has always been driven in Denmark.It was bought as a running chassis in 1973. The chassis was then in incdredible fine condition.
Engine only 65.000km , gearbox, rear transmission chassis all original ,never been dismantled except for new gaskets and cleaning.Waterpump is renovated. All instrument and steering wheel are original .The compression is very good and equal in each cylinder.
 During the eghties it was professionally rebodied  on a solid ashframe, finished with all 1 mm steelpanels body.New 17” tires.New brakes.
The interior is all leather and solid maghogny.and nice carpets. The car starts up instantly and drive very fine, without any smoke and misnoises.
All EU taxes are paid The car is ready for driving.

Seller: Private
Active at PWC since: 04-07-2018
Location: DENMARK

Details for Delage cabrio sport 1949 for sale

Make: Delage
Type: cabrio
Coach: sport
Year: 1949
Price: EUR 79000
Advert ID: 234385
Viewed: 205

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