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How many people

Thursday, 30 November 2017

How many peopleIf the car isn't big enough buy a charabanc. It is a photograph I have in my possession but don't know much else about it, they do look cheerful though!

One of the most famous London to Brighton Run participants will be for sale

Wednesday, 01 November 2017

One of the most famous London to Brighton Run particpants
The London to Brighton Run is one of the most unique and celebrated events on the old car calendar, and with good reason. Participants from all corners of the globe descend in to Hyde Park in the heart of London to tackle to the winding 56-mile route to Madeira Drive, in Brighton on the picturesque English coast. The earlier the car was built, the earlier the starting position it is awarded on the run – one such early starter is the unique 1896 Salveson Steam Car. A car that everybody, who has ever been at the famous run, will know.
A very advanced machine for its day, featuring under-floor horizontal double-acting twin-cylinder power unit and a rear-mounted vertical coal-fired boiler, solid rubber tires and a cruising speed of 14 mph, making it a relative speed demon for its age!

The Salvesen is a very relaxing drive. The 2-speed gearbox, offers the option of going slowly, or even slower! The tiller is direct and not overly vague, allowing for happy cruising without wrenching a tiller back and forth. The modern disc brakes are hidden, but they are essential for modern day London driving and the stopping and starting it demands.

The Scottish built motor car has previously been in the celebrated Sword Collection and George Milligen’s Collection and comes to market after 14 years in current ownership. Bonhams is offering this and 25 other veteran motor cars at their annual London to Brighton Auction on Friday 3rd November

Let us hope that this car will be bought by someone crazy enough to keep using it!

Grand Rrix Retro d'Yvois in Carignan FRANCE

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Grand Rrix Retro dYvois in Carignan FRANCE

The 3th and 4th of June 2017, prewar motoring in Carignan  for the 11th Grand Prix Retro d'Yvois in the French Ardennes.
Saturday a rallye will make you discover the area and on Saturday evening and on Sunday, demonstrations will take place in the small city of Carignan on a closed secured streetcircuit.
More information on our website


Young Prewar Enthusiast

Monday, 09 January 2017

Young Prewar Enthusiast

Dear Reader,


   I seem to be one of a very few females involved with Vintage and Veteran cars. Being in my early twenties means most of my friends are out until 3 or 4 in the morning at clubs on a Saturday night, whereas I am probably more likely to be found under a car or out on a night time drive. Or if it’s the wee hours of the morning, then probably watching countless YouTube videos of people playing with cars, motorbikes, tractors - well pretty much anything with an engine (even steam), or raiding fathers library hoping to find a car book I haven’t read. Are there many other girls out there like me? Young people in general?


Regards, Hoppy


a missing body?

Friday, 16 December 2016

Submitted for consideration, PreWarCar daily magazine. Insert photo of your choice, perhaps any of 7 or so(with delighted owner).
For quite sometime I have been covertly brousing about the internet antique automobile site, in hopes of a find.

Way back, somebody decided to change the body of their BUGATTI ROYALE, and put away the old body in a barn somewhere.
If anybody out there has a lead on the whereabouts of the barn, kindly let me know(with a secret comment below).
No collect calls.
Bird dog fee paid for any info leading to acquisition!

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