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the sad passing of Gary Hoonsbeam

Thursday, 10 March 2016

hi, i have learned from the C D O club in america that Gary Hoonsbeam has died of a heart attack aged 78. he was mr cdo. and was heavily involved wth the horseless carrige magazine amongst others. a very sad day for veteran car buffs.

about Stearns-Knight

Monday, 29 February 2016

Dear old car friends,

I am writing an article about the Stearns Knight and its sleeve valve engine. The car concerned is a 1929 open two door tourer (with dickey seats) . Regrettably I was not able to 'post' a photo to accompany this letter due to inefficient computing skills....

The tourer was owned by a friend of mine before it went back to the USA to the grandson of Mr. Frank B. Stearns.

Does anyone out there have any information on the S.K. cars of that time?

I'm particularily interested in PR material: personal experiences; road tests etc., anything to put a goodvarticle together.

Thank you. 

Roger Romney Brown 


my dads car is a mystery

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

my dads car is a mystery

Looks like the car you seek. Roderick Renfrew

editor: another Vernon Derby guess...

Memory Lane: Delage DR70 Park Ward for sale!

Monday, 08 February 2016

I used to garage my first car, a 1932 Armstrong-Siddeley 20HP Sports Saloon in a garage at Pollards Hill South, Norbury, London S.W.16. One evening, I think it was early in 1965, I walked round the corner of the block in which my garage was located (there were several blocks, with over one-hundred garages in all!) to see this car being warmed-up by its then owner. His name, if I recall correctly, was Bob Baxter and we became friends because of our interest in , what were then, 'old' cars.
He told me a lot about the car. The Park-Ward body was fitted to replace a Weymann one that was seriously damaged in a collision with an Army lorry - if my memory serves me correctly.
We fell out of touch when I moved to Jamaica and, sad to say, he had by then  sold the car.
I still have fond memories of those days when fine old cars were owned because they were liked and not just because of their value.

Best regards, Peter Maguire.

We do have our national pride!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dear all,

I see the little Delin is back in the Veteran adverts.
I hesitated last time when it appeared on the site, but I can't restraint myself now to beg you... to do justice to history and our National Pride !
Delin is one of the early Belgian car makes, but it is listed among french constructors.
The French already claimed Hélène Dutrieux, Jacques Brel and Axelle Red.
So please let us keep our little Delin ! 

As in the famous song... Potverdikke, I'm proud to be a Belgian.
We're not English, we're not French and we're not Dutch...

Thank you very much and congrats on the excellent site !

Kind regards,

Tom Van Calster

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