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The Sad Erosion of a Culture

Monday, 23 November 2015

A serious letter from a concerned enthusiast regarding the new UK government policy with respect to Specials and other changed vehicles.

Dear Editor,

A Special Case.‘the ultimate truth of the English peoples’ existence lies in that mixture of order enforced by authority with freedom exercised under authority which is not to be found elsewhere’. We in the United Kingdom are certainly the envy of our European fellow enthusiasts when it comes to what we can and can’t do with our cars and long may this state of affairs continue. But these freedoms are now under threat and everyone who adds to, takes away from or alters their vehicles, certainly of Historic status, has cause for concern, possibly alarm because there is as yet no provision within the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority’s (DVLA) system for vehicles that are clearly of Historic status but might be denied that privilege on a new interpretation of the current rules. There has, up until now, been no suggestion of an accommodation for this new class of vehicle.

At a recent meeting concerning the registration of Historic vehicles, DVLA said that they would be tightening up their application of the existing regulations (the 8 point system that determines whether a car is Historic or not). This is fair, but the DVLA has also made a statement that as a record-keeper, must be not only outside their remit but is illustrative of their unsuitability for the rule-makers role: ‘What is DVLA's attitude to Specials?’ the DVLA response given was: ‘They could be a Reconstructed Classic, but if it has new components (including a new body) it must have a Q plate.’ The Government brief for the DVLA does not include the gift of policy making or re-interpreting rules to suit the Department’s now straightened and centralised circumstances. Add to the mix opinion from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC)…. There is a valid question as to whether our fairly liberal regime in the UK permitting wide change to engines, brakes, gearboxes and bodies, might not of itself be a safety risk.’ … and we have confirmation that if we as Historic vehicle owners, Special builders and Classic Car enthusiasts don’t take up the cudgels ourselves and put a stop to the erosion of our freedoms, nobody else will. The centralisation of government departments is not an excuse to implement ‘fits-all’ policies. To destroy our heritage through laziness or pressure from beyond our shores is inexcusable.

Even if the specifics of this debate do not affect us all directly, our freedoms under authority are at stake. Please write to your MP and express your concern with these proceedings otherwise all too easily, part of our culture will be consigned to history.

Yours Sincerely

N. Wright


Pre-war Model T Hot Rod ?

Friday, 19 June 2015

Dear Editor,

There is an ad for a "1922" Ford Model T Hot Rod at your website. Do you consider that being a "PreWarCar"?

Best regards,

Gunnar Geijer

Dear Gunnar,

 This is a question that's coming in frequently since the day we started back in 2001. We do not 'consider' the cars in the adverts.

If you would take the trouble to check all the adverts and would visit all the cars in person you probably would come to the conclusion that 50-100 cars in the adverts are built after 1940. And still you would overlook one or two.

In other words. It is totally impossible for us to decide which is a true car or a good car or what is an honest advert. We just show what's on the market. 

 When  leaving out the most obvious 'wrong' cars like your Model T, all brandnew Bugattis, certain Rileys, post-war Rolls Bentleys, Auburn replicas  and similar creations we would give the false impression that all other cars are 'good', which would make things even worse.

 the Editor

Amazed by a 1910 phenomenon

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hi there.

My name is Jon. Very new to the veteran car world, having always been more of a 60s/70s kind of person.

Just wanted to share a quick video I pulled together on a 1910 Phanomobil in South Australia. Such a beautiful machine and part of a culture I just didn't know existed.

I'll be looking for more stories like, for sure. 

Jon Brooks 

A letter from South Africa

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dear Editor

I have been wanting to write to you for a long time to tell you how much I enjoy your Prewar Cars website.  Although I speak Dutch fluently my written language leaves a lot to be desired, so I hope you will accept my writing in English.

When I saw the photos of Fahrenheit Street it galvanized me into writing. I was born in the Hague in 1941 and lived in that street until my parents emigrated to South Africa in '48.  My mother ran a dry cleaning shop right across the road from the then Dr Herman Bacing School.

I have been playing with prewar cars for over 44 years  and have 5 fully restored oldies - a 1912 Rover Colonial, 1925 Bullnose Morris, 1929 Model A Ford, 1934 Austin  12 Ascot and a 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25. 

A friend of mine - Ced Pearce, told me about your fabulous articles about  8 years ago and I have been a slave to your magazine ever since. First thing every morning I read the stories like other people read the Bible.  The articles are amazing - so interesting and varied and I have learned such a lot. 

I am am a member, and past Chairman, of the Crankhandle Club in Cape Town. We have  great little clubhouse in a 160 year old building in Wymberg a suburb of the City. We have over 500 members owning more than 1300 cars. We have a very active membership who enjoy a busy programme with at least 8 activities per month. We welcome visitors from all over the world and would love to have some Dutch visitors . I could e-mail you our monthly magazine " The Chronicle". To give you an idea of our activities. I will be in the Netherlands in September and would love to make contact with you. 

Yours sincerely and with thanks

Hans Zwets

regarding Editors Choice 1937 Bentley Derby

Friday, 15 May 2015


The landau bars on this car have been put on backwards. Actually, they have been put back on the wrong sides. Am I the only to notice this?

Steve Diggins

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