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Car pricing (or lack of it!)

Wednesday, 02 October 2013

I am about to complete the sale of a property I don't need or want and am vaguely contemplating putting some of the proceeds into a classic or vintage car, way above any sum I would normally have thought appropriate, but hopefully as a hedge against inflation/depreciation.

Why do vendors, (and that's mostly dealers), have such a phobia about putting prices in their advertisements? I don't know about other people but my immediate reaction is they have vastly over-priced the car and would be embarrassed to publicise the price as no-one sane would enquire about it? Certainly there is no way I would ever enquire about an unpriced car, just to afford the vendor the opportunity to make some patronising, snide and snobbish hint that  "If you need to ask the price you cannot afford it"?

Is there no way people can be forced, under threat of not publishing the ad perhaps, to put a price on every vehicle they sell? I don't go into John Lewis or Waitrose and have to ask how much an item is!! Yacht brokers selling similarly-priced yachts publish prices? Even estate agents, a breed if anything more deeply loathed than car dealers, publish at least a guide price if it's a seven figure price so you know where to start at least! What's the big problem?

I can see a case for a unique or very rare  multi-million Pound car of unimpeachable provenance priced at several million, but here we are only talking five-figure prices, less than £100k. Until such time I shall continue to enquire solely about cars with a price tag, preferably from private vendors (and thereby avoid wasting the doubtless "valuable" time of the sharp-suited  salesmen in the dealers offering these over-priced cars) or haunt the auction houses where similar, albeit less pimped-up cars, can be bought at a fraction of the price!!

David Scott

Editor: David, you should not compare the pricing of cars with that of houses, yachts or art. The car trade originates from the trade in cattle, more specific horses.  


Exchange for another bottle of Pre War wine

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dear Editor,
The 1937 AC has been sold. The sale was a result of the exposure on your web site. Congratulations to both of us! Frankly it sold to the first person to respond to the advertisement ( the first hours of posting). However as I waited for the transaction to complete I received no fewer than 4 inquires per day. all from I am very appreciative of your help and expertise. I look at the web site daily and never miss your interesting articles and the cars that are presented. In fact it was the 1934 Talbot advertised on your web site that got me thinking about a change from the AC to another "bottle of Pre War wine" to taste. So the Talbot is now coming to my garage. You are quite responsible for a lot of PewWar car activity, enjoyment and experience!

Thank you!!

All the Best,
Greg Johnson,

Editor: Hope you enjoy your new casque of burgundy!


What happened to the section New Part Ads ?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dear Sir,


Thank you

Norbert Weller

Editor:  We understand some people have problems  reaching this page:

As we cannot repeat the issue from here we suppose it has to do with a few distant hubs or servers that we cannot control.

For the time being we suggest as alternatives to check one of the following pages:



About 1934 Opel 1.3 litre conversion

Monday, 10 June 2013

"It all adds to the Provenance"

What do you do with a new car ?

It doesn’t have to be an expensive car, it can be your ordinary, everyday, working car ? Some people, like to change them every year, and maybe trade Up, so that eventually they can buy the top of the range model. Some people, like to keep their cars, and personalise them, very personally in some cases. Some people, like to keep their cars for ever, and update / modify them, as fashions / regulations dictate. 
Some people like to buy an old chassis, cut the body off and turn it into a “Special”. Now here’s where we start getting into difficulty !

In the 1920’s would you have complained if someone cut down a Ford Model T, to adapt it for other uses ? In the 1960’s would you complain if someone started cutting up VW’s and turning them into “Hun Bugs” ( it was a big enterprise in Liverpool !). We have seen on these pages Rolls-Royces cut down and used as garage tow trucks!  Maybe, the then owner was saying something about the longevity of the chassis, suspension, and engine ! It would be different if there were only a few of these cars left.

But I keep going back to my starting point, “It ALL adds to the Provenance” The history that comes and goes with the cars ! How often have we read about cars at Auction, High end cars, at that,  having their bodies changed at their Owners whim !

What is serious, though, is people doing this to make a fast buck ! One way to limit this would be to impose a minimum time limit on the carrying out of these conversions, and subsequent sale, 5 years say! But vehicles that have been converted for other uses are HISTORICAL documents in their own right, especially if it happened at some particularly momentous time in history.

So What should we do with this 1934 Opel 1.3 litre ? NOTHING, other than clean, and polish with an Oily rag! If it is converted back to its original state it becomes just another PHOTOGRAPH in a book, not a touchy, feely, living piece of history. Make sure it works, runs, and either give it to a Museum, or take it to your club meeting, as a wonderful talking point of history !

Stuart Penketh


Vintage cars in India

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I'am a small time collector in India I wish there was a place for us to sell cars since we are not permitted to take them out of the country. India has so much cars and bikes, not only would we be able to sell, but the rest of the world would have a chance to see what we have. Would be nice to have a place  like FOR SALE IN INDIA ONLY.
Thanks for the best vintage car and bike site on the net! 

Andy Westbeach

Editor:  currently there are no cars offered in India at this website. However you can do so. And I promise you that as soon you and friends bring a minimum of 10 pre-war and/or 10 post-war cars from India to the website, we will create a banner "For Sale in India Only". 


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