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#3 2016-03-28 10:49
The best magazine on the internet
#2 2015-12-13 18:54
Dear Ed

a little Dilemma 1927 4 door dodge should it be restored or kept original BUT running !
#1 Peter 2015-03-27 21:22
Dear Editor,

I took a look at the Cord and the Alfa that gained prizes at Amelia Island. No comment on the Alfa, but did Cords have Chromed Wheel and 'White-walls' when new?
Unless great care is taken chroming usually degrades the metal and one stands a very good chance of a wheel collapse through the spokes breaking. that is if the car is actually driven!
As I see it the problem is that in around 30 years there will be no-one around who has first-hand knowledge of original pre WW2 cars. In any case, it appears that we already have a situation when no-one really cares. What do you think?

Yours, Peter Maguire.

editor: keep in mind this is not a standard Cord, but a Special or Custom if you like. It is a one off specimen in that respect. Built or adapted back then.

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