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Itala car, and the first victim of WW1 on thew southern front

Itala car, and the first victim of WW1 on thew southern front
I hope you will like this true story about a femal racing driver in 1914, and her Itala, and how she became the first victim of WW1 on the southern front.

It is the summer of 1914 and the Austro-Hungarian Empire has just taken the road which will lead to  its ruin. In the remote resort town of Gorizia, general mobilisation starts in August, and involves also  Countess Lucy Christalnigg, racing car driver, on a mission for the Red Cross. During the journey  between Klagenfurt and Gorizia the Countess meets her tragic fate, while the world is sliding into  war.

Lucy was a champion, having won the Wanderpreis of the Austrian Automobile Club, and her Itala car was the same type that a few years earlier had won the Bejing-Paris rally.

After 100 years, this story brings back to life a forgotten episode which had caused great sensation  at the time, describing the atmosphere of the last days of a lost world.

The Last Summer - (The Story of Lucy Christalnigg and the End of a World)
by: Nello Cristianini = A TRUE STORY - Based on original accounts, this is the true story of the first victim of the Isonzo  Front.



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