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New - Old autos poster books

New - Old autos poster books

Now available on Amazon and Kindle !

Some people may recall the major tome 'Vintage Advertising – Old Automobiles' created by Norm Clark for Mosaic Books in Australia.  The book was unashamedly expensive, being both a Limited Edition and signed by the author.  For infomation, some copies are still available by clicking here.  

However in the intervening time Norm has not been idle, and has been expanding his personal reference files to over 10,000 images of posters and advertisements from more than 100 years of automotive history.

From feedback he realised that whilst the big book was appreciated for what it was, there were a lot of people who were, and are more interested in 'eras' rather than complete reviews. To satisfy this market he set about producing a completely new concept of 'short collections' covering different periods of motoring history, and simplifying the presentation to 50 single full-page, full-colour images, which he feels deserve the title 'Great Posters'.

Currently the following Auto Books are available ; (see pic.)
50 Great Veteran Car Posters
50 Great Vintage Car Posters
50 Great Post-Vintage Car Posters
50 Great Commercial Vehicle Posters & Advertisements
50 Great Motorcycle Posters

Norm says he has made every effort to use as much new and unusual works as possible, to avoid repetition. Curiously when researching his era files, he realised that he could produce even bigger books than the first one, for each section, but print and pricing in any area would make even sampling these prohibitive.

Working with both Amazon and Kindle, he has now produced the series in both printed form and downloadable as Kindle can now handle full-colour images perfectly. Allowing for currency movements, none of these books cost more than $US15.00 plus whatever postage applies, which is not major as the books although are 8'' x 11'' (21.59cm x 27.94cm), they have soft covers which reduce weight and price dramatically. The Kindle downloads are of course much cheaper again as postage doesn't apply and delivery is instant.

For those whose interests spread a little more widely the series also now comprises Flight, Trains, Beer, Golf, and a 100 version on Ski Posters.  He has also produced two small self-illustrated books on WW1 Fighter Aircraft, and   WW1 Tanks, Trucks & Armoured Cars.

To see and order from the range visit any Amazon site, go to 'books' and then 'Norman Clark' and his author page will appear.  NB Kindle is also included in the site.

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