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Did you write, publish or read a new book related to prewar or postwar cars and automobilia, please leave your book review here (click). Or maybe it isn’t a new book, but some book that needs our special attention, feel free to let us know (click).

Make sure you post the cover of the book as first picture. Aside your opinion and a short sum-up of the content, we’d also of course want to know the writer, the full title and the ISBN number (if available). Any additional information is welcome.

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New Book - Daimler Conquest, Roadster and New Drophead Coupe

By Dennis Mynard and Harold Wilson

Review by Michael E Ware

This privately published book covers the Daimler DJ 254 which was the Conquest Roadster, built between 1953 and 1954, and its successor, the New Drophead Coupe built 1955 – 57 and also the DJ 255, the left hand drive cars built 1954 – 57. These models, a sports and a comfortable three se...

The Magnificent Monopostos - Simon Moore

Parkside Publications is pleased to announce the publication of 

The Magnificent Monopostos
Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Cars, 1923 to 1951

By Simon Moore
Edited and Designed by Malcolm S. Harris

The third book in Simon Moore’s Alfa Romeo trilogy is finally here! Simon’s first book, The Immortal 2...

Motors and Accessories 1923, Vintage car scrapbook
Motors and Accessories, Sept 1923, Volume 1.

A digitised copy of the book that has been featured on Pre War Car and shown at many VSCC events.

Many readers of the article and those who have seen the original book had expressed an interest in obtaining a copy if ever it got reprinted.

Well here is the oppertunity to obtain a digital, archival quality, version ...
New Book - Citroen by Vredestein

De Nederlandse bandenfabrikant Vredestein heeft als speciale actie een boek over de historie van Citroën uitgebracht. De stevig gebonden en op fraai papier gedrukte uitgave op A4-formaat bevat, naast de geschiedenis van het in 1919 door André Citroën opgerichte merk, ook een historisch verhaal over het ontstaan en de ontwikkeling van Vredestein, geïllustreerd met tal van...

My 1001 Cars by Gabriel Voisin

My 1001 Cars by Gabriel Voisin.  (Translated by Reg Winstone)

This is the first English edition of the second volume of Gabriel Voisin's autobiography, which was published in France in 1962 as Mes Mille et Une Voitures.

It follows a first volume (published in the UK in 1963...

New Book – Jacques Saoutchik, Maître Carrossier

Finally there is some wonderful news! The Saoutchik book is now in design. It will be ready just in time to be launched during the Monterey week and at Pebble Beach. The book is going to be very large: three volumes in a slipcase, more than 1,100 pages and something like 800 or more images – although we do not have the final count yet.

Volume I is titled: The Life of a...
New Book - Light Car Patrols

“Light Car Patrols 1916 – 19 – war and exploration in Egypt and Libya with the Model T Ford.”

A memoir by Captain Claud H. Williams. Edited with an introduction and history of the patrols by Russell Mc Guirk.

Book review by Michael E Ware

This is a book I w...

New Book - England's Motoring Heritage from the Air

“England’s Motoring Heritage from the Air” by John Minnis

Review by Michael E Ware

Author John Minnis’ previous book “Carscapes” gained wide acclaim and some awards. This really is a follow up to that book. All the pictures in this book are from the archives of the Aerofilms Company which English Heritage recentl...

New Book - Did you notice the signs by the way?

“Did you notice the signs by the way”? by John Willrich

Review by Michael E Ware

Here I must declare an interest. During the 1980’s, I persuaded John Willrich, a colleague at Beaulieu, to turn his researches on road signs into a manuscript for a publisher. The agreed publisher then cut it from their list and it has lai...

Auto Racing History for Little and Big Boys & Girls

New Children’s Book from Racemaker Press Which They Won’t Outgrow!

The New York Times recommends this new children’s book designed to inspire the next generation of racing fans: Tommy Saal’s ABC of Auto Racing History for Little and Big Boys & Girls, which is actually two fun books in one!  Toddlers will love the color...

New Book - Making cars at Cowley

“Making Cars at Cowley, from Morris to Mini” by Gillian Bardsley and Stephen Laing

Review by Michael E Ware

I missed this book when it first came out in 2006. It has now been reprinted as a “Morris Centenary special edition”. It is a paper back absolutely stuffed with pictures, most from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust archive at Gaydon,...
New Book - Brick by Brick

"Brick by Brick - The biography of the man who really made the mini - Leonard Lord"

Review by Michael E Ware

Before reading Martyn Nutland’s book I knew nothing in depth about Sir Leonard Lord other than having the impression he was not a very nice man. Nutland on the other hand is obviously a great fan of the man having studied his career from an early a...
New Book - Carriages to Car

"Carriages to Car" the story of coachbuilders and motor dealers Ralph E Sanders & Sons of Hitchin by Stephen Bradford - Best

The story of a Hitchin business - that flourished in the town for over 80 years - unfolds with tales of the Sanders family who started and worked in the business, about their employees, their workshops and garages and the changing trends i...
New Book - Bert Hadley, a son of Birmingham

“Bert Hadley – a son of Birmingham” by Geoff Roe

Review by Michael E Ware

I was privileged to see this book in manuscript form and made a few comments on it then. A colleague read the finished book before passing it to me saying “I feel I now really know Bert Hadley”. What fuller praise could you have for a biogra...

New Book - Unique Lalique Mascots
LOOK! ALL AUTOMOBILIA COLLECTOR'S a new book is out on the subject of collecting the car mascots produced by master designer & artistin glass Rene Jules Lalique. The book 'Unique Lalique Mascots' is the first to cover in depth details about the mascot production during the Art Deco period.  ALL 30 mascots are shown in fine detailed images including the signatures, what to look for, ...
New Book - Hard Luck Lloyd

Hard Luck Lloyd: The Complete Story of Slow-Talking, Fast-Driving Texan Lloyd Ruby
New Title Available Now from Racemaker Press

Racemaker Press has released a compelling new biography, Hard Luck Lloyd: The Complete Story of Slow-Talking, Fast-Driving Texan Lloyd Ruby written by John Lingle, a ...

New Book - Around the world in a Napier

“Around the world in a Napier – the story of two motoring pioneers” by Andrew M. Jepson

Review by Michael E Ware

I must admit to not being a great fan of period motoring travelogues, the car interest usually comes second to the places visited...

New Book - Austin und Willys aus Berlin

“Austin und Willys aus Berlin.  The history of the Willys Overland Crossley G.m.b.H from Berlin-Adlershof” by Klaus Gebhardt.

Review by Michael E Ware

As far as I know this book has brought together information that has not appeared in book form before -  the strange alliance between the firms of Crossley, Willys ...

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