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Van blik naar pomp

van-blik-naar-pomp-1A new book written by PreWarCar editor Rutger Booy and Bas de Voogd, fuel can collector and PreWarCar contributor from day one. In the book Rutger and Bas tell the story how petrol and automobile found each other: a fascinating quest on petrol sales from 1885 to 1940.

How did the first motorists get their petrol? There was a time when a car was still rare and the petrol pump had yet to be invented. This book describes the remarkable development of the petrol sales from the late 19th century until 1940. The story begins when petrol was only sold at drugstores. Its further development is outlined in detail: from the supply of petrol in cans to the invention of the petrol pump,.

Although the book is written in Dutch and deals mainly with the Dutch situation, there are many references to the development in surrounding countries, like Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. The book contains many historic black/white photos and stunning colour photos of a unique collection of petrol cans. Anyone with an interest in classic cars, transport and logistics will enjoy reading this book. It’s available at (Dutch) bookstores or online, for example at (Holland and Belgium); Amazon UK; Amazon France; Amazon Germany and even in Japan.

1st edition, 144 pages.
Stitch bound, 20 x 26 cm
Price Euro 27.50
ISBN 978 90 6100 688 6
NUR 462

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