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A brilliant jubilee despite some Bentley misery

interclassics 2018_airline_470
Interclassics Maastricht has grown in 25 years from a local fair in its first year 1993 into a leading European show, the kick-off of the classic car season.  No wonder that once again the visitor numbers went up. The overall level of the cars on display was very high and still there is attention for the small budget car.  Renowned Bugatti dealer Fine Automobiles from Holland not only had a magnificent 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 on show, but aside that an equally maroon coloured Austin Seven Chummy! The overall presence of pre-war automobiles seemed to have grown again reassuringly since last year. We counted in order of appearance no less than 35 pieces (see below).

The organisers made a very nice line up of showstopping vehicles from the most important show themes of the past 25 years. Including 100 Years Alfa Rome0, British Royals, Bugatti GP Cars, Pre-War Racing Legends and many more. This year's Best of Show of the pre-war era was the above magnificent 1936 SS Airline 2 door Saloon. Well chosen; though personally we had a special liking for the more refined machinery of the 1932 Delage D8 Figoni. Our special attention was drawn by a 1921 GN liberated from long time museum confinement. The car's chassis and engine were dry as cardboard so it will need buckets of grease and oil from a caring new owner to start with...  This 4.5 litre High Chassi Invicta may be well know to some of you. This 1928 high chassis 4.5 litre was bought from a Germany not so long ago after finishing his homework that he bought the Team Car as used by Saunders Davies & Fiennes.  At the BMW clubstand we saw a 1939 321 saloon, a very rare find in its unrestored and quite well preserved condition. 

A bit sad we were about the presence of a handful of Bentley lookalikes. Post-war machinery in "pre-war" fresh made attire. It's my personal observation that Interclassics can learn from the worldfamous artfair TEFAF that is being held under the same roof at another date. Tefaf is very-very strict in what artdealers can come up with. Anything questionable is banned from the venue. We think that Interclassics would grow even more if there would be more attention for the subject. Still Interclassics Maastricht is the yearly place to be. If not for the cars than for Maastricht itself, often named the Paris of the Netherlands... See you next year!

(txt & pics Joris Bergsma)

(all prewar cars on show) Marendaz 1933, Fiat Topolino 1938, Peugeot Bebe 1913, Bugatti type 13 Brescia, Bugatti type 57 Ventoux Gangloff, Cadillac Lasalle 1930, SS Jaguar Airline Saloon 1936, Riley Special 1936, Oakland 1910, Ford 81A Tudor 1938, Buick Master Six Roadster 1927, Alvis Special 12-70 ( BJ) 1938, Rolls-Royce New Phantom 1926, 1930 Delage D8 Cabriolet by Figoni, 1921 GN runabout, 1926 Amilcar CGS 'gutterwing' Roadster,  1936 SS Roadster Special, 1935 Bentley V12 RR Gurney Nutting Special, 1934 Aston Martin LWB Mk II, Lagonda LG45, Bentley 4.5 litre DHC 1936, Delage D8 Cabriolet Figoni 1930, Austin Seven Chummy, 1928, Bugatti T54 1931, Renault type I  1902, MG PB 1935, 1928 Bentley 4.5 L blower, 1935 Mercedes Benz 500 K Spezial Roadster, Lagonda M35 1934 2 door sports tourer, Lagonda LG 45 Team Car 1936, Invicta 4.5 High Chassis team car 1928, 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 swb team car,  BMW 315/1 Special 1936, 1937 Riley Big Four Special 1937, BMW 321 saloon 1939, Mercedes Benz cabriolet B.


#11 Patrick Jacob 2018-01-19 09:15
Yes Tjeerd, that would be a show. If the customs do this with the fake cars:
Good stuf for a television program
#10 Tjeerd 2018-01-18 19:58
As long as a replica is not sold as an original i dont really mind. Cars are there to be driven and enjoyed, and since many original (..) cars are priceless and end up in a collection the only other option is to replicate. Next to that many so called original cars were rebodied, raced, wrecked, rebodied, altered etc so where do you draw the line? Ban all rebodied prewar Bentleys, all with a retrofitted blower, all austin seven specials, etc etc. It will then be a quit show im afraid
#9 Ian Murray 2018-01-18 19:35
Tyrone Hopes, we should expect to turn down dubious adverts for 1950s Mk VI Specials on the grounds that this is PRE WAR Regardless of our views on integrity or authenticity, very little if any of this car existed prior to 1952, in fact I wonder how much of it actually dates to prior to 1992. Postwar Classic, fine. Sorry niet voor jou!
#8 Patrick Jacob 2018-01-18 18:44
"Replica", "Special" , "Copy" all words used for fake cars. In fact I think, its fraud to come with a newly made vintage car or a ruined saloon into a "special" pretending it's the real thing. I totally agree with Guy Mahy.
#7 Gunnar Geijer 2018-01-18 16:37
It’s wrong to call these vehicles replicas. The original meaning of the word is a copy made by the one who made the original item. Correct me if I’m wrong. Why not call them copies, if not falsification or imitation.
#6 Tyrone Hopes 2018-01-18 14:02
I agree Ian - I'm not keen on these cars either, but I can't expect to turn down dubious adverts. On what grounds? Besides - it's a matter of taste - beauty in the eye of the beholder etc. And who can deny there may be impossible decisions to make if such a policy were in place. A similar argument has been made about cars advertised here that have had perfectly good saloon bodies replaced with equally dubious 'racing' bodies. Deplorable, but I would prefer this kind of trade to occur in plain sight rather than drive it underground. That way, everyone can 'track' the problem cars. I am pleased that the editors highlight the problem, however, and pleased we can have this debate on their pages!
#5 Maarten Hoeben 2018-01-18 12:12
Business before principle. In Dutch "boter op het hoofd hebben".
#4 Guy Mahy 2018-01-18 12:01
Oh yes Joris it seems that today recreation, continuation, tribute, in the style of...and all these terms to name reconstructions out of period become 'THE' image of the classic car world...
Racing Green and Pursang are well known , but what about Ferraris, so many Italian Barchettas, Mercedes , BMW, even Leon Bollée...what about reconstruction with metal from old lorries and ships to stand a metal analysis... it's all about big money and difficult to stop the demand of people who want to be part of the classic car world becaus friends or neighbours do, but who do not know anything about it.
In the thirties " Replica" was positive, today it stands for negative.
Whitin the Royal Veteran Car Club in Belgium we re-activated the technical commission and ask our membres participating to our events to have their car presented to our commission. We do not know everything, we do not seen everything but we feel we have to protect with passion our heritage .
In the long term the real thing will still be appreciated.
But fake material will always be on the market..but name it in the right way .
#3 Nigel Wright 2018-01-18 10:24
It would be interesting to hear from you a more detailed arguement. Why does the presence of these Bentleys make you sad and why are these cars 'questionable'? What questions do they invite?
And, integrity and the art world? :)
#2 David Scott 2018-01-18 09:51
Not only that, most of these appalling Mk VI confections are quite the ugliest cars imaginable, crass, vulgar, tasteless "vanity" projects (although you would need a very thick skin to be vain about them!). Almost worse than those dreadful Mercedes pastiches the Americans love so much. They should be admitted to neither category, not being Pre War and certainly not Classic!!

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