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Mystery in Perth Western Australia

Mystery in Perth Western Australia

Dear Car Detectives,

It is time to solve a new Monday mystery. First of all, the case: Alex Selley has been handed this photo to try and identify this car. He is not able to identify the car himself, that is why he called in our help. 

What are the facts we already know? ''The photo was taken about 1915 and the driver is a Mr. L. Gillespie who lived in Claremont, Western Australia. The car was registered just as a "Car" no name, with license plate C3. The "Car" was registered to him up till 1918 when it disappeared from our records. In 1916 Mr. Gillespie had become a Doctor. We also know that from 1920 his address was in the city of Perth and he was running Hudson motor cars.'' Alex already did some research himself and told us that he thinks that the name "Leslie" under the mystery car is incorrect (hence the request for identification). ''I have searched, but only came up with an American car called "Leslie" but that is about 1916, which the car in the photo I do not think is an American vehicle. So, I think the cation is wrong in the photo.'' 

We don't know, is he right? Now, all grab your magnifying glass and your notebook. Does anyone see any logical connections between Mr. L. Gillespie and the "Car" on the photograph? We don't think there is anyone guilty in this case, but there is something missing in this story... 

Please leave your comment below if you can help us with the missing information about the "Car", Mr. L. Gillespie or the photograph itself. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Words by the editor. Photograph by Alex Selley.


#6 John Riley 2018-01-29 11:47
Is the rug over the driver's legs in the Gillespie tartan?
#5 Reg Harris 2018-01-29 11:36
Sorry,can'thelp with he name of the car. However maybe the name "Leslie" refers to Mr "L" Gillespie's first name and not connected with the car's name
#4 Richard McDonough 2018-01-29 11:03
Looks like a Speedwell c'1904.
#3 Ian Murray 2018-01-29 10:57
It's a Speedwell (not to be confused with the American Speedwell Motor Car Company)
The company began in 1900 in Reading, and was renamed the "Speedwell Motor Company Limited" and relocated to London around 1906. Production ceased in 1908. This might be a 10/12 HP with twin-cylinder engine?
#2 Rick McDonough 2018-01-29 10:49
I'll take a punt and say it's a Speedwell c'1904
#1 Ariejan Bos 2018-01-29 10:36
That car is a Speedwell. It is the new model for 1905, which according to The Autocar had been “greatly improved in appearance”. It was based on a Lacoste & Battmann chassis, which is clearly visible from a number of details. Several Speedwells of this specific model with the sharply ridged bonnet still are in existence.

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