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New setup of the weekly What is it? Quiz & Quiz #454

New setup of the weekly What is it? Quiz & Quiz #454
In the past 16 years, hundreds of car quizzes have come by on our website with even many more answers from our readers. As many of the competitors are judges by now, we thought the time may have come to spice things up a little; primarily by a change in the judgment system.

This means from now on, participants will compete in a 6-month competition. So twice a year we will have a new winner for the last 24 quizzes (both as well as count here). If you participate (giving an answer is enough) you will receive 1 point. When your answer is correct, you will receive 3 points. If we declare your answer to be the best and most complete, you will receive 5 points.

In the end, you can miss 4 quizzes. So only the 20 best will count. If you participate in all 24 quizzes, you will get 9 bonus points.

The winner will receive the famous and T-shirt including a badge. Apart from that, there is an additional price, sponsored by Hans Compter Automobiles. The first prize will be the book Investing in cars by Vincent van der Vinne. After winning, we ask you to be the judge for the next period of 6 months and to send in a quiz yourself. You can happily participate again after this period.

We trust you all will keep enjoying our quizzes and we wish you all the best of luck!

The first pre-war quiz:
A well-known German designer of airplanes decided to build cars as well. He built more than 5500 airplanes for the German army before he started with cars. There are not many built and as far as we know, no car left.
We are very much looking forward who knows more about this car. Please leave your answer in a comment before Monday 25th and use no more than 100 words. Good luck!


#8 2017-09-26 00:39
Yes Charles it's ugly, but remember the story of the ugly duckling? It is a cyclecar, and I wouldn't kick it outa the barn for drippin oil. I wonder what the side profile is like?
#7 2017-09-24 19:28
Good night
I think, it is automotive GRADE, manufactured by the company Grade Automobile AG and designed by Hans Grade, known also for his design of aircraft.
Type wheel with central hub, but with detachable disc rim, is one of the characteristics of the car Grade.
#6 2017-09-24 19:22
Yea Charles, it's ugly, but what does the side profile look like? And, sometimes ugly equals cute, odd, unique, even fun. So I wouldn't kick it out of my barn for drippin oil, as I like to say! Looks like a cyclecar for sure, whatever the ugly duckling is! Keith
#5 2017-09-24 14:04
This car was built by Hans Rohrbach of Hamburg, Germany. In 1922 he founded the Leichtfahrzeugb au-Gesellschaft for the exploitation of his patents like a unit-body car. He is mainly known by a Modern Mechanics article from 1931 about his three-wheeled car with rear steering, which he built using a NAG 8/24 PS engine. Other ideas of him were a light car with two engines set in the front wheels and a reaction engine not requiring any cooling. In 1948 he showed an updated design of his three-wheeler as a model at the Leipzig fair.
#4 2017-09-24 13:55
Dear prewarcar-team,

allright, Let The Games Begin!
And it seemed quite tricky to me, so here the solution (I hope to be right..) from your jury-member Fritz Hegemann, Germany:
DORNER -the first Diesel-engined car!- built by the ”Dorner Oil Engines AG” (DOEMAG), in 1923/24 with air-cooled 1cyl.Diesel, front-engine, propeller shaft, rear drive. Also available with V2-Diesel-engine, 770ccm, 3/10 PS at 1400 rpm, a total of between 10 and 25 cars produced.
Hermann Dorner (1882 -1963) was one of the first German pilotes (18. German aircraft license in 1910). The aircraft-engine designer developed planes and engines for his own enterprise, for the “Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke” and for the “Hawa”. He was professionally associated with famous Hans Grade, later he constructed the engine for the first Diesel-powered plane: Packard DR-980.
#3 2017-09-23 16:20
”Investing in cars”? Yes, we are obviously in the veteran car hobby for different reasons.
#2 2017-09-23 14:57
What Is it? Sorry guys, "IT'S UGLY".......CTP
#1 2017-09-23 14:45
German aircraft designer! It must be Messershimdt. What a unique shape. Too bad none survive.

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