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Saturday Night Fever

Friday ladies

A photo catches the moment, but the story often gets lost. What is the moment caught here? Two girls in a two-seater and a young man leaning against the car. A common scene for generations. Do we really need to know what was happening or is it maybe just better to let our phantasy start running? Let's imagine that it is a Saturday afternoon and that these ladies drive by the workshop, where the young man is doing his daily hard labour. A short break, during which the ladies ask him if he would like to join them and watch that evening the show of the famous 'Cinéma parlant', which just came to visit their village. And maybe drink a glass of wine in the local café afterwards? He looks pleased, but working day is not over yet: his employer is already waving impatiently with his hammer. Still a few hours to go, and then …

But perhaps you see an entirely different story, which could have been equally true. Feel free to tell yours below!

Let's not forget of course to mention the car, the silent prop in this scene happening more than a hundred years ago: it is a car from a famous brand, this nice little 1913 Motobloc. Recognizable by …, yes, actually by which features? In this case these are relatively small, but nevertheless decisive: the flat rear wheel hubs with the two opposite holes next to the hub, and the radiator filler tube and cap shape. Ad then other matching details follow, like the curve of the front dumb irons as well as the rear spring system. And like on any proper French car the tires are from Michelin!

Words and photographs by Ariejan Bos.



#2 Jeff Perkins 2018-01-27 04:13
Thanks for your imaginative narrative....I certainly could not do better! Fun story!
#1 Stuart Penketh 2018-01-26 00:48
Was that the first rear-view camera ? ?

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