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Heading for The Drivers Lunch, Sunday 21 January

drivers lunch_21_january_2018_sabattier_470
Joris Bergsma likes to invite you for a most simple and basic event meant for those who like to drive on own initiative, planning their own route while letting roll their own pre-war wheels. Without suspenders confining the motorcar to a trailer or similar sad contraptions.

The (first) Drivers Lunch will be in Schoonhoven in the mid-west of The Netherlands, on Sunday 21 January.
The idea is to drive from remote and diverse places (your home) and to get there 'on own wheels' with a pre-war motorcar. Just to have lunch, to meet friends, to enjoy break down chat and the old Dutch custom: complaining about the weather... and perhaps warm up a little.

So no trailers, no accompanying vehicles and no cars built later than 1940.
The organizers will not check if you really make it on own prewar power but we will encourage you to post milestones or memorable moments of your trip on a dedicated Facebook page. Or to produce more period proof of your trip like pan ready chickens... There will be a small award for the participant who has covered most kilometers/miles in order to arrive at lunch in time.

Participation will be free, food and drinks to your own liking and budget.
Based on our pre-invitation 15 cars have registered already.

We have arranged a pleasant and period restaurant with adjacent parking lot which can be seen from the dining room. In order to receive full details or to list yourself please call Joris at +31.653.362.640 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Looking forward to meet some of you on Sunday 21 !

1905 illustration from L'Illustration by L. Sabattier (courtesy Invaluable Auctions) , titled 'Perdu' (Lost)

Preliminary list of particiants:

1. Ton v. Deutekom / Salmson
2. Hubert Kranz & Gudrun / Riley 15/6
3. Laurens Klein / Alvis FWD
4. Hans van Huizen / Talbot AM90
5. Adrie van Kleef Austin Seven Special
6. Ab van Egmond Alvis 3 litre Sport Special
7. Jan en Margreet Austin Seven Special
8. Michel Laarman en Maryan on Knox Speedster or Sunbeam 3 litre TC
9. Henk Fortgens, 1927 Amilcar CGSs
10. Arie en Tineke Roest, Wolseley 6 cylinder Roadster
11. Ed & Fey Kerkhoven, Austin Seven Chummy
12. Robert Rozeman, Austin 12 Tourer
13. Andrew en Mrs. Fallon 1932 Austin 7
14. Kees Kersten & Ineke, Amilcar CGS
15. Jos Cox & Hermien, car tba
16. Jos van Genugten & friend, Bugatti Type 40
17. Hugh Ellis & friend , Lagonda Tourer
18. John & Carla Leliveld, 1931 Adler Trumph 
19. Marc van den Broeck & friend, 1930 Model A Ford Cabriolet
20. Marcel & Eugene Koreman, Singer Le Mans Roadster
21. Hans van dn Bosch & friend, 1932 MG J2
22. Arjan Wooning & Jacques Poelwijk, car tba.

Organisation vehicle: 1931 Talbot K78 Saloon


#2 mike clark 2018-01-11 21:10
Nice idea Joris - wish I could be there. Interestingly 15 out of 20 cars are British - good show chaps!!!!
#1 Jeff Perkins 2018-01-10 03:59
Wish Eleanor and I could be there!

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