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About Quiz #435 - 1921 Deemster

About Quiz #435 - 1921 DeemsterThe car pictured in last week's quiz is a 1921 Deemster made by the Ogston Motor Co. (1918) Ltd. at the Deemster Works in Acton, west London. The image was captured by the camera of Peter McFadyen who travels to many VSCC events throughout the year and the results appear in his traditional end-of-year publication.

The Deemster car was first offered in 1914 and ceased production in 1924. It initially used it's own 4 cylinder 10HP whichw as replaced by the more sporty 12HP Anzani unit in 1922. A racing Deemster was entered in the 1921 200 mile race at Brooklands and the link to a non-UK Island is the fact that Isle of Man magistrates are called 'Deemsters'.

The car entered the VSCC Light Car & Edwardian Section Welsh Rally and was listed as 1923 which might have misled some of our entries as it misled us in our report. ( The first clue given last week.)
The second clue was in the mention of Christmas ( click here) so we were surprised to receive two suggestions of a Bullnose Morris and one of a Newton Bennett (which does have a very similar radiator).

However, after receiving five correct responses, three of which declared themselves ineligible, we congratulate Simon Thomas and Robbie Marenzi for their correct answers and since Robbie had a guess at the year of manufacture, we declare him this week's winner.

Ed.  We have subsequently learned that Robbie Marenzie is a jury member, so that means we can declare Simon Thomas the winner.

Please send us your mail address and shirt size Simon and we will send you the PreWarCar T-shirt.

Quiz by Robin Batchelor, main photo Peter McFadyen


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