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About What is it #439 40 Hp Lanchester

Many correct answers this time! Maybe some readers got a little help, by the unscheduled hint, we gave by the subtitle of the enlarged picture, which said "Prewar-Quiz-Lanchester"...
Most answers were correct and indeed, the picture shows the 40HP-Lanchester built for Lionel Rapson. The price of £3000, Parry Thomas and Arthur Bird, the "Puncture-Proof-Tyres" and the sad fate of the car were also mentioned in many of your answers. Nice details about the car and its owner are told by Rob Geelen, who wrote "...very standard chassis, except for having two Zenith carburettors and a slightly raised compression ratio.Total cost was 3,000 pounds.
(...) Rapson was an inventor and marketeer that for a brief period had quite a following in London society circles and the Prince of Wales and his brothers ran their private Rolls-Royce Motor Cars on his tyres and had his patented jack system fitted. He was very much a marketeer, but his promises didn't always turned out to be true, and his empire floundered...".
Even more details about Lionel Rapson came from Michael Costigan: "...Frederick Lionel Rapson was born in 1887, the son of an Isle of Wight blacksmith. He became Head Chauffeur to HRH Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll until 1914, when he joined the Army Service Corps. He served in France as sergeant-driver to The King's Messenger, later serving in the Union Defence Force in South Africa, before being invalided out of service. Susan Schintz set up an Auxiliary Military Hospital in Liverpool, where Rapson was a patient; Miss Schintz befriended Rapson, employing him as personal secretary responsible for a fleet of cars including Lanchesters. She financed many of his inventions and business enterprises, including the Rapson Tyre Company, so in all probability the Lanchester 40 was actually bought by her. Lionel Rapson died of epilepsy in 1933...".

But who is going to win quiz this week? One good answer was too late, some had a lot more than the  predetrmined maximum of 100 words and so we can congratulate Doug Yates as the winner of quiz #439!

Words and photos: Hubertus Hansmann

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