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About 'What is it' quiz #429: 1911 N.E.C. 30hp

Whatisit quiz #429
No electric Elmo or Rolls-Royce Legalimit, but another unorthodox car from England: the New Engine Car built by the New Engine Company, abbreviated N.E.C. Forgotten now by most people, but in pre-WW1 England regularly described in the columns of car magazines.

Two people however could still remember the make and these were Frank Sauerwald and Fried Stol. The latter was already a three-time winner, meaning that Frank Sauerwald is the official winner this time. His answer:

“It is a car from the New Engine Co (NEC or N.E.C.) from Willesden Junction. They made cars between 1905 to 1921. The engines were designed by G.F. Mort and mounted beneath the front seat. Most cars were built as town cars but it seems that one ran non-stop from London to Edinburgh in 1910.” Fried Stol was spot-on with the identification of the car as a 30hp 1911 model.

So congratulations, Frank! Please send us your mail address and shirt size and we will send you the PreWarCar T-shirt.

Quiz written by Ariejan Bos

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