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About What is it? Quiz #430 Peugeot 175 Sports (upd. or 1922 153BRS)

Peugeot 175

Our guess, most of you were enjoying one of the last fine weekends of the year. Or when living Down Under one of the first fine weekends of Spring. Anyway the input for last week's quiz was somewhat low. Three competitors were right with Peugeot. Bob King came with an interesting remark regarding 'cuff valves'. Anybody who has a picture or a proper explanation? Special thanks to Robert Hafner who delivered info regarding the registration plates: the Amilcar coming from Departement 04 Rhone-Aples and the Peugeot from Department 03, Alliers. 
Craig Gillingham came up with an introduction about the Peugeot Type 153 BRS. Perhaps he is very right, but sender of the photo claims the car to be a Peugeot 175 with sports body, so what can we say? And in fact we were hoping to get some more infor from you out there. Anyway reagrding the latter option; Greg Mackie came up with the best answer: "Peugeot 175 'Sport' with a special body, 1923 or 1924." Congratulations Greg! When Craig produces evidence that is it a type 153 BRS he will get the prized T-shirt as well.   

(photos courtesy Collection Brian Goodman)

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