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About What Is It quiz #433: An early 1920's Ryjan

Whatisit quiz #433

Quiz 433 was apparently a quiz for jury members: Peter Ransom, Robbie Marenzi, Alan Spencer, Fried Stol and Yannick Garcia all agreed on Ryjan, and that is indeed what it is. They also agreed on the fact that the car dates back to the early '20s, which is in agreement with the license plate, issued in 1920. However they disagree on the model. Is it an HJ4 or an HJ6 model? And does it have a SCAP or a Ballot engine under the bonnet? Unfortunately the available information is insufficient to solve these matters and we must leave this to future researchers. On the other hand, we now do know that at least one Ryjan has survived!

In the meanwhile we can conclude that despite all of the answers we have no winner, because apart from the above mentioned jury members no correct solutions came in. So PreWarCar-lovers, prepare yourself for the next quiz. Most veteran and vintage cars will be carefully stored in the garage by now, leaving the long winter nights for studying car history: it could make you next quiz's glorious winner!

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