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About What is it Quiz #436: A circa 1913 Luxior

Quiz 436

Five answers, of which 3 jury members (Fried Stol, Alan Spencer and Robbie Marenzi), all sent in Luxior as the solution. Malte Jürgens and Christof Vandenburie were the other two. And they were all correct, because that is what it is: a circa 1913 Luxior.

The conspicuous wheel hub was a feature on PreWarCar some time ago. Apart from the 1913 chassis to which this wheel hub belongs, only a 1912 doctor's coupé, a few posters, some advertisements and some photos seem to be all that is left of this make. And now also this beautiful photo of a two-seater, of which it is not fully clear if it was produced in 1913 or 1914. It could very well be 1913, so imagine the 1913 chassis having been once part of the car on the photo: wouldn't it love to be reunited with a similar body? And do not forget then to install the impressive horn, the Autovox, “le plus grand succès mondial”, which could be activated simply by pressing a button placed on the steering wheel! It's a pity however, that you can't just order it simply at Mestre & Blatgé anymore ...

Anyway, Christof was the one with the most complete and accurate answer. Congratulations!

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