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About What Is It Quiz? #440: 1934 Praga Baby Cabrio

Praga Baby_Cabrio_1934

Last week's quiz was sent in by an owner of the car featured. Mr. Reinhard Bauer won the PostWar Christmas Quiz and was kind enough to come up with a quiz himself. The car that was subject of this quiz is a 1934 Praga Baby Cabrio. A beautiful Czech built car. We received 6 answers. 
According to Jaroslav Exner it was not a very difficult quiz. He responded with "I think, that everybody knows a little Czech car Praga Baby.". Not sure if everybody knows but Daniel knew it and Hugo Modderman certainly knew more: "Praga Baby convertible. Introduced 1934. 995 cc 4 cyl.,sidevalve engine, as from previous model,Piccolo 203. 3 speed transaxle gearbox and fully independent suspension." Kenneth K. Brosk gave us some other answer on the other hand: "the aircooled Röhr autos made in ober ramstadt Hessen in the mid to late thirties. These models were also known as the "Baby Röhr". Later on there came the 8 cylinder models R,RA and RF."Praga Baby_Cabrio_1934_roadster

Luk Martens gave us some information as well: "This is the Praga Baby. Conceived as an economy car, contstruction was nevertheless of high quality, like the make's other luxury cars. The two-door version looked a bit similiar to its close rival, the Tatra 57A, equally inventive. The engine was the same as used in the Piccolo (1 litre 4 cyl.), but the Baby featured a modern chassis composed of two C-shaped components and was very 'flexible', fit for a smooth ride on the rouhg roads in Czechoslovakia. A movie about this car was made, starring Lída Baarová, a famous Czech actress.".
First to respond with the most complete answer was once again Jury member Alan Spencer. He also was asking a question, hopefully someone can help with this. "This photo shows various body styles of the Czech-built Praga Baby, produced from 1934 to 1936. The car used an inline 4-cylinder engine of 996cc, and featured an all-syncromesh 4-speed gearbox plus all-independent suspension. It was voted the most elegant small car at the 1934 Berlin Auto Show.
Praga hired the Czech actress Lida Baarová for some of their publicity photos for the Baby. A few years later, she became notorious as the mistress of Josef Goebbels; reputedly, it took Hitler's intervention to end their affair. Could that be Lida sitting in the roadster?"

Thank you all for participating. If you have an idea for a quiz yourself, please let us know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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