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A Benz car or Benz hubcap mystery? (Upd, Citroën or Mercedes body?)

Benz or something else?Harry Hoving found this remains only last Saturday in an old factory (which will be demolished this week).
"The only identification I could find was a Benz hubcap on the biggest rear axle. (see pic below) But there is also a chassis, another rear axle, a body and some small parts. Does the body belong to the chassis, or the Benz axle to chassis and body?
Harry would love to know better what he found and will do his best to save these parts. There is not much time, because the building is being demolished starting tomorrow."


#7 2011-09-19 20:58
I would say that as there are only 2 windows per side (not 3 per side as the B14's usually have)the body is probably from a Weymann bodied Citroen B14 (1927 - 1928 ish)as is the axle (not the Benz axle).

The chassis belongs to the body and is upside down at the present time - the car is left hand drive and the 'badge' on the tank is not a badge but probably some embossed rubber from other than a Citroen that has been used as a gasket.

Where abouts in the world are the parts ? - It looks like the axle is identical to that of my british built vintage Citroens .... spare parts are always useful !
#6 2011-09-19 19:30
Good news! I saved the parts!
Both axles are in my garage, chassis and body at neighbours house.

Chassis is in good condition.
I did some measurements.

Width of chassis near front axle : 64,5 cm
Width near back axle : 78,5 cm
Length : 380 cm

The Benz axle turns perfectly! Been in storage in this factory for at least 40 years.
Size/diameter of the wheel : 54,5 cm's (without tyre)
Axle width is about 130 cm. (without wheels)

If anybody can help, I would be very happy.
#5 2011-09-19 08:36
Hello.the parts should be saved.It seems the chassis,rear axle(not the Benz)and body belong together,looks french.The Benz Rear axle doesn´t fit to the chassis.
#4 2011-09-19 08:35
Maybe a Mercedes Benz Typ Stuttgart 260 or a Mannheim Type 300 or 320 of the late twenties? Without the engine it remains a guess...
#3 2011-09-19 07:40
The body looks like that of an Citroen B14G.
#2 2011-09-19 06:00
Hi, what a find. Why not contact an authority on Benz cars, Mr. Seidel at
Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz
Ilvesheimer Straße 26
68526 Ladenburg
Tel: 06203 / 181786
Fax: 06203 / 2503
Mail: info@automuseum

Contact Person: Winfried A. Seidel
#1 2011-09-19 05:48
Presuming you restore it, Harry, please don't forget to replace those square rough cut washers on the wheels

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