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A coachbuilt hybrid with history blanks: Adler 1909 Mystery

Siegfried Otto Hepp wrote us about this sublime motorcar: a 1909 Adler with exchange coachwork by H. Stemmler from Neuss, Germany. A sublime formal limousine and playful summer phaeton. A unique combination about which you would expect more is known. However until well into the fifties all that is known is that the car came from South Africa (back) to Germany. The owner since then was ASC(Algemeine Schnauferl Club) president Mr. Schoof from Wiesbaden, who added the car to his collection. At the 1958 World Expo in Brussels the car was shown again. We are all eager to learn more about this extraordinary Adler. In case you know anything, please write us.


#1 2017-02-07 00:37
While I can't tell anything about the car's history before its acquisition by the former ASC president, I can at least provide some information about its current whereabouts (2017).

This splendid car is still owned by the ASC in Germany and is usually on display in the Central Garage (, a privately owned tiny (yet superb) car museum in Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt, Germany).

Currently (2017) the car can be admired in the Adler exibition in the spectacular "PS-Speicher" in Einbeck north of Kassel (

Adler enthusiasts should not miss this unique opportunity to browse through an extraordinary selection of Adler motorcars and other products from the once world-famous brand.

As for the ASC Adler, you'll notice that it has undergone a meticulous restoration which brought this outstanding car back to its former glory...

A photo of the Adler which I took in 2015, can be viewed on my website at:

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