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A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day OutThis photograph shows a car that  my grandfather owned around 1919 (he and grandmother are rear seat passengers) My father sits in front next to the Mill Mechanic/Boilerman who was tasked by my grandfather to act as family chauffeur. 

Grandfather bought his first car in 1912, a De Dion Bouton 12 hp Torpedo, but crashed it on its first journey, and never drove again.

I would be glad if someone might identify the car shown. 


#2 2016-12-15 02:08
I agree with Messrs Warburton, Dowell and Mohacek. Coachwork has features which appear on bodies by Cann of Camded Town, London.
#1 2011-12-17 16:43
John Warburton, Bruce Dowell and I all think it is a cca 1912 Sunbeam 12'16 (or possiobly 16'20) with a non factory body, so may well be !


Bozi Mohacek
aka Vintman

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