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A Royal Airport Mystery (UPDATE IV: Spyker and Fokker)

Some Royal VIP arrives on the airport. A small crowd of curious spectators is just visible in the lower left hand corner of the photo. They seem to be waiting for a ceremony. Is the airport to be officially opened? Is the Royal visitor about to take off in one of the light aircrafts at the end of the field? Who is it? That’s what Uffe Mortensen, who sends us this picture, would like to know. Uffe lives in Denmark so it seems reasonable that the photo was taken somewhere in Denmark, but he is sure it is not. Is it possibly Schiphol, Amsterdam? With the Royal Minerva in first position? Now look again at the automobile in the middle. A Hisso? One of the dignitaries is a bit late; he or she still waits for the door to be opened. Tell us what you know (RB).

Update IV: Theo Brouwer informs us that "on Tuesday September 29, 1931 Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, her husband Prince Hendrik and their daughter Princess Juliana visited the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on the occasion of the opening of the weekly scheduled air-service Amsterdam - Batavia (Neth.Indies) of the Royal Dutch Airlines(KLM).This picture shows the visit of the Royal family. The weekly air-service started on October 1, 1931. Pilot of the Fokker plane F-XII PH-AFV "Valk" was Gerrit Geysendorffer. The plane arrived in Batavia on October 12,1931."
Update III from Dick Trenk: “Anthony Fokker got back into business in the Netherlands as soon as WW-1 ended. In 1920 he introduced a very successful transport plane having a single high wing without external struts (cantilever wing) and this was model F.II. In the photo I see five of these lined up at the right side. These were used by Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (KLM) airlines. On the centre and left we are likely seeing 10 of the 11 model D.X built for delivery to Spain (10) and Finland (1). This is a parasol wing fighter and is a direct development of the wartime D.VIII fighter.”
Update II by Dutch expert of Royal Automobiles Frans Vrijaldenhoven: “It is HRH Prince Hendrik leaving the Royal Spyker, type C4 Coupé/Landaulette built in 1922; Chassis number 422; Engine 6 cyl. Maybach number 3271; License plate H 2124. On the rear seat we probably see Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Juliana. Behind that car we see two Royal Cadillac’s. Before WWII the Cadillac’s were the official Royal cars. The picture has been made during an aircraftshow at the Airport Schiphol in the middle of the Thirties."
Update I by Stacy Puckett: The vehicle in the photo looks similar to a 1930 Lincoln Brunn bodied all-weather Brougham.

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