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Brake Drum Puzzle (upd. 1959 Ferrari ?)

Brake Drum PuzzleJohn Baldwin recently bought 4 brake drums with a job lot of vintage spares but he can't identify them. They are aluminium with iron linings, 30 cms external diameter, 27cms internal diameter, finned on the rim and have 10 holes for their hub locating studs, opposite holes being 107mm apart centre to centre.  Can anyone help? Someone suggested they might be Alfa Romeo - anyone know?


#2 2012-06-04 18:19
Looks like the drums on my former 1959 Ferrari gt 250.
#1 2012-06-04 00:45
Hello All..

They don't look like 6C or 8C...Maybe a Merosi design or other pre Jano designed Alfa cars?



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