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Cottereau "Populaire" 1903-1910 ?

cottereau   1903-1907  ?Whocvan help me to find out  the Year this Cottereau ist build?
It´s a single Zylinder.
Help can be in Englisch or French laguage.

Many thanks
Siegfried Otto Hepp


#1 2013-04-08 10:23
Your example is probably a model called "Populaire" and was introduced in 1903 with a single cyl. 1040cc engine, (105 x 118 mm bore and stroke) these "singles" grew in power up to 8Hp in 1906 (to 9Hp in 1910?). It's hard to put a real date on your car, because they were in production from 1903 up to 1910? It had mechanically operated inlet valves, and steel artillery wheels. The first models had a Dion Bouton type of hood and in 1903 a round barrel-like radiator and hood or bonnet was introduced. In 1904 however they changed to a rectangular type of hood, which they left once again to return to the original barrel type. The single 8Hp could be had with a shaft, side chain, or central chain drive, reverse gear was an extra. If your model has a single chain it will be based on a tubular frame I guess other models had a pressed steel chassis. It is said that up to 1910 a little car with a single cylinder 9Hp engine with side chains was offered. And looking at the size of your car it could be the latter one. But again it's hard to tell.

I hope I've been to little assistance

Regards Fried Stol

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