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Opel Eyed Engine Mystery (UPDATE III: Prototype or Tractor?)

Two weeks back an Opel engine emerged at the third floor of an Amsterdam apartment after the demise of the inhabitant. Nothing very special, be it that the engine bears the Opel 'eye' logo which results in a dating of pre 1935. Another problem arises with this assumption. The only 4-cylinder OHV made by Opel before the war was mounted in the 1938 Olympia OHV according to Jan Bruijn. Expert Georg Amtmann from Münich adds: "... it is a 4-Cylinder Phase I, built between 1938 and 1953. So the experts agree on the engine. This only leaves us with a logo mystery, the timegap of at least three years since the logo was skipped after 1935 (click). Do we have an Opel logo expert around? Contact Us

Update III comes from Frank Wagner: "I own an old Bührer Spezial tractor from 1954. This tractor is equipped with an OPEL OHV 1500 ccm engine (like Opel Olympia). The engine was built in 1953 and delivered to Bührer, Hinwil, Switzerland in 1954. The engine No. is 03333. This number is also on the Bührer manufacturer plate, so the engine is the original one. This engine shows also an "eye"-logo. So I think it is quite usual that an after war Opel engine has this logo."
Update II by Bart Oosterling: "Could it be a block dating from before 1935, originally mated to a sohc head and now combined with a head from a later date as a kind of performance enhancement of as a replacement when the original head was worn?"
Update I by Josef Kubista who suggests it could be they used some old casting to build a "prototype" engine?

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