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The American Tourer Mystery (UPDATE III: 1920 Briscoe)

Many people say that today’s automobiles aren’t interesting because they all look the same. Whether true or not, the same can be said for pre-war cars. But we know better, don’t we? Each and every car is different and has it’s own peculiarities that will make it easy to identify. Take for instance this tourer, which we think is American in origin. It has several details that could tell us the make. It has four rim bolts, which narrows it down to a few possibilities: Star, Overland or Chevrolet? The badge on the radiator resembles Oldsmobile or Maxwell, but these makes had five or six rim bolts. Also the distinguished nave plate should give us a significant clue. And last but not least the windshield with its sharp corners will be a give-away. Yet this make has us baffled, so we have to rely on your knowledge. Help us!

Update II by Lars-Göran Lindgren who has a (poor) picture of a 1919 Briscoe.
Updates came in from Elliot Klein, Chris Paulsen, Layden Butler, Tony Haycock, Hugh Nutting, Peter Ransom and John Rehberg all identifying our tourer as a Briscoe. Chris Paulsen: “The hubcaps were the biggest clue for me.” Peter Ransom: ”It's a 1920 or 1921 Briscoe - the simplified model.” Hugh Nutting: “1919 or 1920 model.” Elliot Klein: “The caps are a dead give away. look at the Briscoe website.”


#1 2014-01-14 09:11
1920 or after . The hood has 20 vents on each side

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