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The Baker’s Buick Mystery (UPDATE: eel-catcher?)

No doubt these dressed-up kids are on their way to a fun party, fancy fair or about to participate in a celebration parade. Anyway, the dickey seat of 1926 Buick Roadster in the background will be large enough to carry them. Our photo dates from the early 1960s when the Buick’s owner was a baker, Frank Maisey, which might explain why the little boy on the left is dressed in white and carries a basket of bread. But what is the significance of the boy on the right with the can tied to a pole? We couldn’t read the sign hanging around his neck. This Buick Roadster, that has lived in the same English county, Somerset, for the last eighty-two years, will be offered for sale by H&H at their auction on October 12. (photos courtesy H&H)

Update by Rick Ford who suggests the boy with the pole and basket could be an eel/elver catcher from the nearby Somerset Levels.

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