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The British Gearbox Mystery (UPDATE: Alvis !)

A few years ago Barry Stalker and his friend John Brotchie found a shed that was filled with a load of vintage Dodge parts. Naturally these were all put to good use. However, amongst the Dodge parts they found this gearbox that obviously isn’t Dodge. Barry and John don’t have a clue as to what it is and to be honest, neither do we! It does look British to us, but that’s about all we can tell. There are no special markings on the box, except for the text on the cover, and judging by the lay-out of the gear-lever we think it was placed on the left-side of the box. We have some images of the front and the rear. Would you be able to identify it? Then mail us!

Updates came in from Adam Frith, Malcolm Mcmillan, David Manson and John Kent all identifying the gearbox as from an Alvis. Malcolm: “No doubt Alvis 12/50.” David: “1924 Alvis, 12/40 or 12/50. But the "front" is really the rear, with belt drive pulley for the speedometer.” John: “Early 20's 12/40 or 12/50 with the subframe chassis.”

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