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The Bugatti Coachwork Mystery (see UPDATEs)

A Bugatti type 44 two door berline is a very rare sight in itself. But then when you cannot find a word about the coachbuilder it's really getting interesting.... Who can learn us more about Carrosserie Germain & Chapiron from Lyon? Current UK owner Julian who found the car with a Belgium dealer would love to hear from you. And if you know of one (just 1) other Bugatti with this rare EB motometer he will be delighted to hear that.
Please send your comments.

Update II comes from Malcolm Jeal: "The coachbuilder Germain & Chapiron had premises in Lyon at 265 rue Duguesclin - a long road that runs north-south parallel with the river Rhone, just to the east of the city centre. In 1922 the firm advertised itself as building 'Carrosserie Automobile de Luxe' and also 'de Grand Luxe'. As the body on the Bugatti is on a Type 44 chassis, Germain & Chapiron were obviously still in business in the late 1920s."
Update Iby Andy Watt who wonders whether the Berliet Foundation has anything in their archives. They are concerned with the whole of the Automotive Industry in the Lyon area, not just Berliets and their vehicles.

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