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The Delivery Boy Mystery (UPDATE II: Studebaker + details !)

In 1847 the company of J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd. became famous for making the first ever chocolate bar suitable for widespread consumption. They were based in Bristol, England and before World War I had become one of the largest employers in that town. By 1919 the company merged with Cadbury’s chocolate and the joint company was named the British Cocoa and Chocolate Company. The grandfather of Robert Archer worked for Fry’s as a delivery boy. As the van still bears the name of Fry’s we assume this picture must have been taken before 1919 or shortly after. Robert wonders what make the delivery van is (click main pic for larger view). Tell us your ideas!

UPDATE II by expert David Greenlees who very much self assured claims the car to be a Studebaker."Dodge hoods and radiators taper up slightly from front to back. The Studebaker hood is flat w/a thicker radiator as this one is. The little doors in the splash apron are identical to Studebaker. Dodges had a big bulge to cover the front of the spring. A Dodge has a more fluid curved looked to the fenders, hood and cowl, more styled looking." (we will only post next updates of people who can produce substantial proove it is something else)
Updates came in identifying the van as American made. Mark Dawber: “Looks like Buick from around 1915-17, not sure though whether it is a converted 4 cylinder touring car or a C-4 or D-4 commercial chassis.” Roger Bowers: “Dodge?” Hugh Nutting: “Dodge Bros - quite early as the headlights are higher than later DBs. Likely 1915 or 1916.” Grant Taylor: “Certainly American, with a lovely English body. Perhaps 1916/17 4 cylinder Studebaker?” and Bjorn Skjaervik: “Studebaker 1915 four cylinder.” Chris Draper adds: "The much later FreiKaiserWagen was built by a later generation of the chocolate family.”

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