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The Dusty Gears Mystery (UPDATE: Wolseley Siddeley ?)

Old stuff is pouring in hoping for identification. No problem, keep them coming, we love it! This gearbox was sent to us by John Kent who bought it from another enthusiast a year or two ago. It’s a four-speed unit that so far has defied identification. And that’s about all we can tell you about as there are no stampings on it. Please have a look at at the top of the gearbox, a close-up of the gear train and tell us what you think it is. Perhaps the distinctive chassis cross member that’s still attached to the rear could be a clue? And as an aside, we sure like the tracks with which John moves his heavy gearbox around!

Update by Roger Twelvetrees: "It looks like the gearbox arrangement used in the Edwardian Wolseley Siddeley cars."

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