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The Kast-Weinhaus Mystery (UPDATE II: Praga Grand!)

While sorting out the family archives, Bill Kast from Denver Colorado found this nice image of his relatives. The photo was taken in front of his grandfathers Wine House (Weinhaus Kast) in Burgenland, Austria. Surrounded by lovelies, his grandfather Johann Kast is on the right wearing the bowler hat and the large watch chain. Bill asks if we can identify the car and perhaps the year it was made, so he will be able to date the photo as no older than the car. We are pretty sure we have seen this radiator emblem before, but just can’t imagine what it can be. Maybe the Benz inspired body rings a bell? Can you help?

Update II comes from Reinhard Bauer: "definitly a Praga Grand, but a Pre WWI-Model, as the front design had been changed for the 1919 model. The prewar models had wood spoke wheels, whereas the postwar models had already metal disk wheels.
Updates came in from Thomas Treul and Marian Bednarik telling us it’s a Praga. Marian writes: “PRAGA GRAND from around 1920.” Thomas: “PRAGA from around the first world war, body could be Armbruster - this bodywork was also to be found on Austro Daimlers from that period.”

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