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The Queensland Tubular Chassis Mystery (UPDATE IV: Renault D-type, 1913 Wrigley or Jackson?)

After many months of delicate negotiations, Graeme Jarrett came into the possession of the chassis you see here. He writes: “The remains of this early tubular chassis car was found in North Queensland (Australia - Bowen/Townsville area) thirty years ago. Believed to be circa 1903, it’s relatively small (wheelbase approximately 5’-1” - 1550mm. Track 3’-9” - 1150mm) and appears to have had an underslung radiator at front. The offset differential drive suggests an indirect final drive gearbox. The front dumb-iron is stamped Z2-5283. I have a thought that the chassis and front axle are French manufacture while the differential is in imperial measurements suggesting British manufacture for that item. Perhaps it carried a British name? Many makes have already been suggested including L&B, Ariel, New Orleans and Jackson, but so far I’m unable to rule out (or in) any of these.” Who can help establish the identity of this chassis? Contact us! (Editor: non-Australians might wonder about this strange device in Graeme’s backyard. If so, check out this Australian icon!)
Update II by Graeme Jarrett (the owner of the chassis): “I have taken the differential to pieces and discovered that the crown wheel and pinion (and whole differential probably) were made by E.G. Wrigley of Birmingham, UK. This gives more weight to the idea that it is an assembled (badged) UK car. I have also found some Jackson chassis drawings of a circa 1903 vehicle that are very similar to my mystery chassis. Added to that I also learnt that there was an agent for Jackson (Trackson) in Queensland from the very early times. I do believe over time it may turn out to be a Jackson.”
Update I by Bas van Genderen: "I think this a Humberette chassis early 1900. They used to produce bicycles and for their first cars they continued to use tube frame as chassis simular to the one in the picture."


#2 2011-06-06 12:58
A similar frame is this Renault D type tube-steel chassis advertised here:
#1 2011-06-06 09:33
This is very intriguing if as Graham says it seems similar to the Jackson for which a local agent existed. Local Car agencies may have been scarce. I'd say Graham would recognize a Humberette since VCCA ranks include them.
Could be the 1913 Wrigley cyclecar?
one can see a mention at this link:

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