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The Speed Shoe Mystery (UPDATE III: Grégoire with Latham)

It may look like a Nike-ad, it's more likely a pre WWI one off streamline record car. We have no information about the spectacular vehicle except that it is one of the photos of French photographer M. Branger. So let's zoom into the front details that may help us. For a second or two the radiator badge gives the impression of a Spyker logo, but there is another unidentifiable oval badge lower on the core. And when we go a bit more to the end of the shiny bonnet we find the coachbuilder's plate. Just for the fun of it, note the two onlooking cyclists reflected vaguely in the flawless flank of which car ??? Contact Us. (collection Gies Pluim)

Update III: Robert Dick informs us that more on Hubert Latham and Coccinelle can be found on this website.
Update II comes from Reg Winstone: “The photograph shows the dashingly glamorous pioneer aeronaut Hubert Latham at the wheel of the Grégoire he designed for himself to ferry him between the local flight meetings that were all the rage around France in 1910. Nicknamed la Coccinelle, the smooth ovoid shell of this streamlined single-door single-seater concealed a sprung bed, luggage compartment, running water and a generous hand basin in the running board! As you can see from this shot of the car parked next to the great man's Antoinette, it also had full weather equipment, That it should have been mounted on a Grégoire chassis was no coincidence either; ever since Roland Garros had run the marque's main dealership next to Henry Farman's emporium in l'Avenue de la Grande Armée, Grégoire director Jacques Hinstin had promoted the marque as the aeronaut's preferred mode of land transport. This car appeared in a little story on Gregoires written for 'Le Petit Fumiste Illustré', a regular feature that appears on Thierry Auffret's Voisin website. “
Update I by Fons Alkemade: “A Grégoire from circa 1912.”

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