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The Three Bells Mystery (UPDATE: More about the clock)

The pictures of this wonderful wooden dashboard were sent to us by Rastislav Noga from Bratislava in Slovakia. He writes that he doesn’t have a clue as to what car it comes from and therefore asks our help. By looking at the photos we can only make out two means of identification. One is of course the logo of the three bells in the center of the dashboard. And the other is the 8-day Elgin clock made by Elgin Clock & Home Products. This company was located in Chicago, Illinois and went out of business many years ago. We think these hints make it safe to say that the instrument panel comes from an American made car, probably late 1920’s, but that’s as far as we can go. But we have no doubt you can tell us more about the origins of the three bells! Contact us!

Update by Stuart Penketh: “Elgin National Watch Co. started in 1866 on 35 acres of City donated land in Elgin Illinois The Elgin Clock Co was born out of the Elgin National Watch Co in 1922 and was operated by Van Sicklen who made Automobile accessories and the Van Sicklen Speedometer. The Company was bought by Allied Motor Industries, in 1928, which unfortunately itself went into receivership in 1932. This clock was typical in Model T Ford, Buick, Chevrolet and Dodge cars.

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