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The two pot Mystery. (Unic / George Richard 1905-1910)

Unidentified engines keep coming in. Here a small two cylinder, looks like a T-head. But we have no arguments to label it that way as there are not any marks, makersplates or numbers on it. After a more than average encouraging by Malcolm Jeal at Retro and earlier, we found sender Gilbert Warning prepared to send us the dimensions. So next time if you have no measuring device at hand for the photo, put a relevant object near the engine; a coke bottle, a candy bar, or anything else the reader can relate with. (see also flywheel side) and then consider the dimensions:
..... Bore: +/- 100mm ..... Stroke: +/- 100mm
The drilled engine supports are 50 cm separated left to right; and 23 cm front to rear. Please enlighten us.
UPDATEs by John Ryder and Ivan Saxton came in. John writes: "You are looking at a UNIC engine circa 1905/10, with the latter most likly as I note the improved external clutch spring and other minor changes..I am well advanced in restoring my Unic..#832 series A2 (12HP @ 1200 RPM)..Living as I do in what was/is the ElDorado of 'goodgear'..( KINGV8 1915/Russell-Daimler C1911/Deasy type 42/Pan American J-o5..etc we do suffer a drawback and that is the lack of manuals/reference etc.I would love to hear from anyone with especially a digrame showing the clutch/handbrake interconnections."
Ivan is short: "2 cylinder Georges Richard (Unic)"

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