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Show a pre-war mystery 

Egypt RAC winners cup

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Egypt RAC winners cupHi, i recently bought at auction a very large winners cup, and would like to learn more about its history.
The cup stands 2foot tall at the handles and the bowl is 9inches in diameter, silver plate (no hall marks) 
The inscription on the front reads :- COUPE CHALLENGE CIRCUIT DU DESERT, offerte par, MOHMED TAHER PACHA, president du royal automobile club.
I have discovered who Mohamed Taher was, he also was a founding member and president of the Egyptian olymics board. Not much info about him really, and no pictures.
On the back of the cup it reads:-
1934 Robert Khayat sur Ford
1935 George Pharaon sur Renault
          Latino Tozzi Condivi sur Fiat (Balilla)
1936 Behrendt Von Homeyer sur D.K.W.
1937 Lattino Tozzi  Condivi sur Fiat (Balilla)
          Raoul Kanah                 sur Fiat (Balilla)
1938 Lattino Tozzi Condivi sur Fiat (Balilla)

I guess the war stopped further races, Id like to know who the winners were, and pictures or info on them or their cars would be great, And any information regards the Coupe Challenge Circuit Du Desert would be great. many thanks in advance.
I'm guessing its a bit of a mystery as to how this cup ended up in Perth Western Australia, Probably one of Lattion's relatives brought it here as he was the last winner.


Brake Shoe - What is it?

Friday, 12 January 2018

Brake Shoe - What is it?Greetings Prewarcar!

I have had this brake shoe for 10-15 years, I saved it from a whole box of domestic (American) brake shoes because it was so different.

The casting is unusual and I can't find any markings except for a "27" or "2-7" and a "B" or "8" within a circle. There is also another casting that doesn't show well in pictures that could be "TV" and then some other characters.

Any thoughts from the community appreciated!

Jonathan Sierakowski


Monday, 08 January 2018

PackardI have no idea what this old packard tank goes to. Any help would be great. 

Desmo Fuel Gauge

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Desmo Fuel GaugeA few years ago I found this petrol gauge at Beaulieu. It is like the well-known Hobson or King-Seeley fuel gauges working with hydrostatic pressure created and maintained by a special tank transmitter unit. I was able to find the patent for this tank transmitter, but no further information about the gauge itself. It is presumably an aftermarket item that has not been included in any series equipment. I would like to know when these instruments were offered in catalogues, advertisements or elsewhere. Michael Worthington-Williams had kindly published my search query in the last issue of THE AUTOMOBILE, but unfortunately I haven't received a response to it yet. Therefore my request to the readers of this wonderful site for all sorts of information about this apparently very rare part.
Christoph Röhrs, Harsum, Germany


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Does anybody have any information about coachbuilders "Liddle & Johnston" in Edinburgh. Probably 1910-1920.

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