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The 100 Miles of Amsterdam, by 3 excited South African girls and one labrador

The 100 Miles of Amsterdam, by 3 excited South African girls and one labradorYou might have read some stories or seen photographs or video`s about The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. Maybe in our magazine or on our (live stream) on Facebook, as PWC is one of the official partners. But it can also be that you participated yourself. Then you probably agree with me if I say that this year the rally was very wet but so much fun!

For this specific article, we decided to ask Nicky, Saskia and Kiara Lasch. Three young ladies from South Africa – who are normally accustomed to warm temperatures. They do not have a lot with old cars, like many of us do. By accident, they happened to stay with one of the families during The 100 Miles of Amsterdam. Who invited them to take place in one of their cars during this competitive winter rally. We would like to share with you how they experienced these 100 miles, the mulled wine and hot chocolate, the navigating, the tests, the dark and narrow dike and of course the after party.

``What a privilege it was to be invited by our hosts, Michel Laarman and Maryan Greif, to be passengers in their beautiful 1926 Sunbeam, on this prestigious rally in Holland. Three excited South African girls and one Labrador, all layered in thermals and jackets, hats and blankets, finally climbed aboard! Milton Laarman, our skilled and dedicated driver had accepted the challenge of his inexperienced (19 years old), yet very enthusiastic company in the backseat, and so our journey began... From the start of the rally in the Market square of Haarlem, to the closing party in pub Belle in Oud Zuilen, the organization was undeniably excellent on every level. Hot drinks and delicious food greeted us at every stop, as well as the helpful and smiling faces of the organizers and the marshals. Through wind and rain, misfiring cylinders, sharp turns, and detours, our driver, remained steadfast and focused. His skill in negotiating traffic circles at speed, map reading, and unexpected mechanical repairs was truly impressive! Decorative street lights and colourful reflections on the canals of Amsterdam were the beautiful views that welcomed us into the city, together with much laughter as we aimed sticks through little holes! Thank you, for the opportunity to experience such a unique event. This has unequivocally been the highlight of our December holiday to Holland!``

A very successful rally we can say. Almost everyone reached the finish line on their own, after which the prizes were awarded. Victories that were celebrated until the early hours.

We can look back with a smile and hope to see you all next year!

For more information and photographs visit:
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Triumph's 8C Masterpiece

Triumphs 8C Masterpiece

The eight-cylinder Triumph Dolomite is one of those mysterious prewar supercars that seems more of a legend than a reality. Few enthusiasts have had the opportunity to examine one up close, and for years the model was shrouded in mystery. How many were built? What were they built for? Was the engine really a direct copy of the Alfa 8C? If you pick up this month’s issue of The Automobile magazine, all will be revealed.

In fact, only one complete car was built by Triumph, with a second built up slightly later by Robert Arbuthnot’s High Speed Motors. The two cars have recently been reunited for the first time since World War Two to celebrate the publication of a new book on the fabled model by Jonathan Wood, which is due to be published early in 2018.

Photographs by Nick Clements

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From the family album: white mystery sports car

From the family album: white mystery sports car
Stan Allen's cousin found this photograph of his father sitting behind the wheel of a 2-door sports saloon. The photograph is taken in Australia, probably somewhere around 1938. He is curious to know the year and make of the vehicle for his family tree.

Does anybody know what car we are looking at? And is this car with license 36-532, still around? Please, leave a comment if you know more. Hopefully, together we can solve this problem.

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Sliding into the new year!

Sliding into the new year!
Happy New Year everybody!

2017 has been a fantastic year for us! With a new owner of the websites, there were quite some changes. But all very positive. 2018 will brings us even more changes. Most importantly, the new website in a few weeks. What will never change is our love for the old stuff!
We try to keep you entertained with quizzes, mystery cars, events, historical feature and many more! We start this year with the very entertaining photo above. One that is made in 1938 at Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. What cars do we see? Peugeot, Citroen?

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