Aston Martin DB 2/4 Coupé 1955 for sale

First owner from Mai 1955 until 1989 ! Second owner 1989 to 2017!

Wonderful Aston Martin DB 2/4 Coupè in rare, beautiful& original colourscheme.

The original engine was replaced after a damage in 1958.

Excellent documentation, e.g. correspondence between the owners, and condition.

FIVA- passport.

Truely one of the most beautiful of this buildsheet!

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Seller: Cargold Collection Beuerberg
Location: GERMANY
Phone: +4980367004

Details for Aston Martin DB 2/4 Coupé 1955 for sale

Make: Aston Martin
Type: DB 2/4
Coach: Coupé
Year: 1955
Price: On Request
Advert ID: 222237
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